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Work from home with a Cloud-Based Solution

Work From Home with a Cloud-Based Solution Coronavirus lockdown has caused businesses around the world to close their doors and work from home. In such a scenario, it is really impossible to display calls on a landline set up in the office premises. To overcome this situation cloud [...]

Port / Use the existing business number to cloud

Port / Use the Existing Business Number to Cloud Work from Home was just a thought for many companies, but today its reality. Most business operations are hard hit by COVID-19 and the contact center industry is also being affected badly. Contact Centers are forced to shift their [...]

Increase RealEstate Sales with Cloud Telephony Solution

Increase Real Estate Sales with Cloud Telephony Solution Real estate is a sector where people will only make a final decision after seeing the product. Real estate decisions are not quick, customers will only take a decision after researching the property, builder, area, etc. Furthermore, the real estate [...]

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Zoho CRM with Asterisk based Call Center Solution

Zoho CRM with Asterisk based Call Center Solution Convert Your Customer Support Team into Selling Machine How great would it be if your customer support team becomes an upselling and cross-selling machine? Now Question is, Is it possible to convert customers calling for customer support? Yes, it is [...]

Generate leads without Call Center Agent

Lead Generation Without Call Center Agent: Without leads surviving in business is assuredly difficult. If you are not generating qualified leads for your business then it is going to be a serious problem for you. Lead generation campaigns are the way to generate quality leads and every organization adopts [...]

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What is Cloud-Based PBX?

What is Cloud PBX? Modern SMBs and large corporations are moving to network communications because they are more active and versatile when it comes to working together and finding new business. These solutions can generally be integrated with other cloud-based tools for a very low-maintenance and high-end experience. Cloud [...]

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Human receptionist to machine receptionist – never miss the call

Human Receptionist to Machine Receptionist – Never miss the Call The Business year was about to start well and in less than a month, the entire world has been turned upside down! People are at home and few businesses have closed their doors (hopefully not forever). According to [...]

How to use existing Call Center Dialer for Work from Home

How to use existing Call Center Dialer for Work from Home Your business is likely familiar with an on-premise call center and cloud call center. Both types of models have their perks and cons. But with the corona pandemic at hand, businesses are shifting their business communication operations to [...]

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Cloud Telephony: The New Business Telephony System

Cloud Telephony: Need of the Every Business Communication Cloud communication promises big things; less cost, more productivity, remote workforce, with all less infrastructure. Businesses today are moving everything to the cloud be it data, telephony system, communication, business applications, in short, all the workload has been moved to the [...]

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