AI-Powered IP PBX Solution
For Your Business

*astTECS brings you powerful and cutting-edge AI-Powered PBX solutions, designed to revolutionise your business communication infrastructure.

AI-Powered IP PBX Solution For your Business

*astTECS brings you powerful and cutting-edge AI-Powered PBX solutions, designed to revolutionise your business communication infrastructure.

Features that make our AI IP PBX special

AI Voice BotsAI-Voice-Bots

These advanced virtual assistants powered by artificial intelligence provide customer service improvements by automating tasks and offering real-time information via voice interactions.

Smart IVRIVR with conversation AI

*astTECS AI PBX has an in-built IVR solution that uses artificial intelligence to understand natural language input from callers, improving caller interactions by providing pertinent information quickly while routing calls more efficiently.

Auto attendant with virtual assistantAuto attendant with Virtual Assistant by AI PBX

*astTECS combines an auto attendant feature with a virtual assistant to provide automated call handling and assistance, streamlining communication for a more productive, customer-friendly experience.

Smartphone as an extensionIP PBX with smartphone extension feature

*astTECS IP PBX can connect with smartphones through a SIP extension within the Wi-Fi range. This feature helps to receive and make calls while roaming around the premise / nearby location.

IP PBX with Web-based receptionist solutionWeb-based receptionist console

IP PBX enables the operator to view detailed information about PBX activities in real time. It helps the operator to operate efficiently and perform quality monitoring with its enhanced features.

Video calling & conferencing IP PBX with video calling and conference feature

*astTECS IP PBX supports superior-quality video calling. Needs no other hardware except video cameras. Multiple participants and presenter can share their videos simultaneously over the web using the built-in or external webcam.

IP PBX solution integration with existing EPABXSeamless integration with existing PBX

*astTECS IP PBX can be integrated seamlessly with existing EPABX and ensures to provide advanced features like – voicemail to email, IVR, distributed office setup, and unlimited voice recording.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)IP PBX solution with voice mail to email feature

This allows an AI PBX to understand and interpret human speech, providing enhanced capabilities such as voice recognition, sentiment analysis, and intelligent conversation management during customer interactions.

Intelligent call managementIntelligent-Call-Management-with-AI

It leverages AI and advanced call routing techniques to optimize the handling of incoming and outgoing calls within a business communication system. It ensures that calls are directed efficiently to the right individuals or departments.

AI ChatbotsAI PBX integration with AI chatbots

*astTECS provides AI Chatbots that are easily integrated with other systems and take advantage of artificial intelligence to engage in intelligent conversations to facilitate customer support and information delivery more quickly and efficiently.

Voice loggerIP PBX with in-built call recording software

*astTECS IP PBX has in-built call recording software which enables you to record both incoming & outgoing calls for quality monitoring and dispute resolution. You can filter the files based on source, destination, time, and duration.

IP PBX with Audio conference featureAudio conference bridging 

With an in-built audio conference facility, *astTECS IP PBX enables all users to host conference calls with a protected password. It supports multi-party conferencing with 6 or more people. The talker optimization feature enables the talker who is not speaking to be muted ensuring there is no build-up in background noise.

Distributed office setupIP PBX solution with distributed office setup

With *astTECS distributed office setup, you can connect office locations/branches for seamless communication. It eliminates site-to-site calling costs and can be managed from one location.

Seamless integration with 3rd party software PBX integration with 3rd party tool

*astTECS can be integrated seamlessly with 3rd Party tools – Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Social Media, Chat, CRM, PMS, HMS, ERP, etc which will help to enhance customer service and increase organisational efficiency.

Dealing with Phone System Complexity?
*astTECS AI PBX = Simplified Telephony

Dealing with Phone System Complexity?
*astTECS AI PBX = Simplified Telephony

Why businesses love our AI IP-PBX?

Cost Effective: Since *astTECS is built on Open source technology, it is doesn’t require a license fee and quite affordable for every business and save upto 80% on telecom expenses

Easy Customisation: *astTECS IP PBX can be customised as per your business requirements

Scalable: Easy scalable as your business grows

Insight and Analytics: Advanced dashboards for call records and call details reports

Reliability: best in 99.9 % uptime ensures your business continuity

Excellent Support: 24 /7 Global support via call, email, chat

Model available: E25 (25 extensions) to e5000 (5000 extensions)

IP PBX Architecture

*astTECS IP PBX Architecture

*astTECS IP PBX Architecture

For more information download our brochure

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For more information download our brochure

download brochure *asttECS

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Confused about the Business Communication Setup System?
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Confused about Business Communication Setup System?
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Want to upgrade your old PBX?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) is a telecommunication device that provides voice connectivity to desk phones within an office using an internet connection. It acts as a central switching system for all the business communications like phone calls, video calls, email, fax, messages etc.
Asterisk PBX is based on open-source technology. It is cost-effective and flexible to adopt and integrate with your existing telecom infrastructure. It has no vendor lock in and can integrate seamlessly with any third-party applications and products.
The basic features of IP PBX are video calling, smart phone with wi-fi client, audio conference bridging, IVR, voice logger, distributed office setup, voice mail to email, integration with EPABX, fax to email, web-based receptionist console, whatsapp integration, PRI integration, GSM integration, CRM integration and more
*astTECS IP PBX can connect smartphone through SIP extension within Wi-Fi range. This feature helps to receive any business calls while roaming around the premise /nearby location. It eliminates the chances to miss any business calls while you are away from your office desk.
*astTECS provides customized PBX solution as per business requirement with customised dashboards and reports. We have customised solution for SMEs, Healthcare, Real Estate, Enducational Institutes, Hospitality sector, Finance and Banking, Automobiles etc.
Yes, *astTECS IP PBX is built on open source Asterisk , it can be easily integrated with other software – CRMs , ERP, HMS, Whatsapp, SMS etc. and also with your existing telecom infrastructure.
*astTECS IPPBX is TEC certified by DoT , Govt of India. It is built on open source Asterisk which is cost effective and loaded with all advanced features which every business requires. We also provide 24/7 customer support across the globe.
Yes, To book a demo, Call us at 08066406640 or mail us at You can also visit our contact us page and send details.
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What client’s say about us

Miraloyd Global Consult Limited, Nigeria logo

It has been a pleasure working with astTECS and we must say, we have been thoroughly impressed with their innovative telephony systems and customer service. The astTECS team is highly professional, knowledgeable, and responsive, always ensuring that our experience with their products and services is seamless and hassle-free. Their innovative solutions have helped us streamline our business processes and boosted our productivity, and their customer support team has been nothing short of exceptional, providing prompt and efficient assistance whenever needed. Overall, we highly recommend astTECS to anyone looking for reliable and cutting-edge enterprise telecom solutions backed by 24/7 excellent customer service. Thank you, astTECS, for your outstanding products and support!


Joshua Okose BDM, Miraloyd Global Consult Limited, Nigeria 

Renaissance Holding logo

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your ​ quality service ​ in setting up our IPPBX System in a timely manner without any downtime. We could not be more satisfied with your work, and we look forward to continuing this relationship.

-Mr. Mayesh Kumar. N  Web Designer & System Administrator , Renaissance Holding. Bangalore

V moksha Technologies, Bangalore logo

We were looking for a customised IP-PBX solution matching our business requirements. We tried multiple vendors but *astTECS were the one whom we gained confidence on to execute our mission.They were very much professional and got a sheer amount of experience in providing cutting edge solution to all our business needs. I highly recommend the service of *astTECS to organisations who are looking for business solutions.

Sujith Arangan , IS Manager , V moksha Technologies, Bangalore

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