*astTECS Voice Broadcasting / Call Broadcasting Solution is a mass Communication Technique which lets you send automated voice calls to a large number of people at once. You can use Voice Broadcasting Service for Notifications, Alerts, Offers, Announcements, Surveys and more. You can also Records the Customer responses by DTMF implementing Simple IVR System in the Voice Blasting Solution further pushing Customer response into CRM.


Low cost operation


Running a voice blasting campaign helps you to reach out large audience at a minimal cost otherwise would have been taken good amount of time and cost.

Substitutes SMS

Substitutes SMS

Voice Blasting is more Effective than SMS as it enables instant Response from the listener. Clear reporting helps us to analyze how many have actually listened to the voice message.

Increased Response

Increased Response

Bulk Voice Blaster Calling campaigns tend to have a better ROI because of the higher level of Personalization & Engagement.

Improved Productivity

Improved Productivity

Voice Blasting Solutions helps you to reach a large audience easily with only a few clicks.

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

The best part about the Voice Blasting campaigns is that you can Schedule them ahead of time. This helps Companies stay organized.

It’s Measurable

It’s Measurable

You can measure the things. Track and analyze your reports to improve your next Campaign.

Features of *astTECS Voice Blasting Solutions

Run Multiple Campaigns

Run Multiple Campaigns

You can create multiple campaigns and schedule it for different time slots. The Campaign will get activated at given time and you can pull out the report once it is done.

Outbound IVR with DTMF

Outbound IVR with DTMF

Voice Blasting is more Effective than SMS as it enables instant Response from the listener. Clear reporting helps us to analyze how many have actually listened to the voice message.

Real-time call transfer

Voice blasting can be Configured in such way that in the process anytime customer needs to get connected to a live Agent it facilitates the same.

Call Back and Listen Option

If a Customer Misses the call and calls back the number then the recorded voice message will be played to that customer.

Call Scheduling

Call Scheduling

Schedule automated calls much ahead of time, at any optimal date and Time of the day.

GUI to manage the Campaign

GUI to manage the Campaign and reporting

See your campaign live status like total leads, in progress, answered and unanswered. Get detailed Real-Time analytics to check the effectiveness of the campaign.

On Premise and On Cloud

On-Premise and On Cloud

You can choose from a premise-based installation where you own the voice blasting server and run it as per your convenience. You can also choose our cloud voice blasting solution and run it as and when it is required.


Our custom APIs allows easy Integration with CRM and Data Management Application as required by each customer.



Voice Broadcasting Application

  • Marketing Communication

  • Outbound Customer Survey & Feedback

  • Reminder Services (Credit Card, Loan, Subscriptions Alert)

  • Surveys, Polls

  • Order Status updates & Shipping Notifications

  • Condition Alert, Notification & Appointment Reminders

  • Emergency Notifications

  • Political Campaigning and fund raising

  • Account Activation, Product Registration & OTP

Deployment Options

 Server / Premise-Based Solution

 Cloud-Based Solution

Software Installation

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