Voice Logger System

*astTECS voice logger is an ideal call recording solution for any business which ensures to improve better customer services. *astTECS voice logger system supports ISDN PRI, IP, Analog line and mobile to record all the incoming and outgoing calls for quality monitoring, training, disputes resolution and regulatory compliances. With its advanced features, flexibility and easy to use, it helps the organization to increase the productivity and customer satisfaction with higher quality management.

Our Key Features

Improved Qualityimproved quality

The call recording features allow managers to listen to the voice recordings of agents and analyze to improve the agent performance and customer engagement.

data errorsAvoid Data Errors

We, humans, have a tendency to make errors, forget things, and sometimes not to be able to take proper notes in a fast-paced conversation. In such cases, call recording always helps, and we can go back, check the recording, and make proper notes, correct the data if entered incorrectly, etc.

performance managementPerformance Management

Voice loggers allow managers to view the daily and live performance reports of the agents. Managers can see the call timings, no. of hours on call, ideal hours, or for how much time the call was on hold. This helps to manage the performance of the agents and take action accordingly.

Dispute Resolution Dispute resolution

The voice recording files can be accessed to get the context of the previous conversations to resolve any customer disputes issue. Managers can also take up the case immediately to avoid further escalations.

Agents TrainingAgent training

Call recording can be used for agent training purposes so that employees can be productive and deliver up to expectations in the long run. Companies can use top-performing agents to train others or can refer to important escalation cases to train new agents.

Real-time datareal time data

Voice loggers deliver insights, reports, and other important performance metrics in real-time which you can access on web-based dashboards.

agent with voice logger

     Features of Voice Logger

  • 100% automatic call recording (both inbound & outbound)
  • Interoperable with any PBX and IP PBX
  • Multi-format recording files – WAV, GSM
  • Search and download files based on date, time, source, destination and duration
  • Access and delete recording files with supervisor access
  • Web-based configuration management and reporting
  • Download voice files remotely via web browser
  • Monitor storage space via GUI
  • Caller ID for all incoming calls
  • Automated archiving
  • Access control for better security.
  • Export call with a report in HTML / Excel Format
  • Easily integrate with astTECS’s voice analytic tool

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Enterprise Voice Logger

*astTECS enterprise call recording solution is designed to meet enterprise need to record, store and track calls across all geo locations and all modes of communication channels. *astTECS enterprise voice logger is an under one roof solution which can record calls from all channels like PSTN/ISDN, Analog, IP/SIP and GSM and merges into a centralised voice logging application in the cloud enabling enterprises to access the files anywhere, any time.

Enterprise voice logger

IP Voice logger

IP Voice Logger

Record VoIP RTP sessions by passively listening to network packets. Both sides of a call (caller and callee) are mixed together, and each call is logged as a separate audio file. Capture from multiple Network devices in parallel. Compatible with Cisco Call Manager, SIP supported PBX, and many more introductions of voice logger will not affect the functionality existing telephony network. Your telephone system will be totally independent of the voice logger system.

PRI Voice Logger

*astTECS PRI logger enables you to tap and record calls from PRI channels seamlessly without any worry of PBX model or service provider. No additional PBX License required, No dependency on PBX model and E1 line provider.

PRI voice logger

mobile voice logger

Mobile Voice Logger

It’s an App-based solution which support Android 6.0 onwards. Real-time sync with cloud server & Admin User can view files from all locations. Call recorded during specific time Suitable for mobile workers and salespeople out in the market.

Analog Voice Logger

Analog voice logger is a PC based call recorder which is capable to record calls from an analog trunk or its extension line. The analog line voice logger is capable of logging all call details. Easy to install solution which can be managed from a simple computer.

Analog voice logger

Voice Logger Dashboard

Fig : Voice Logger Dashboard

Voice Logger Analyser

Fig : Voice Analyser

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Voice logger is a device that records all inbound and outbound business calls and store the voice files in system. These recordings are used for agents performance evaluation and dispute resolution.
Voice Logger is a piece of hardware and software that connects to phone networks and logs communications. The electronic file is saved in WAV, GSM formats for later playing or transcription. The sort of call recording system that would work best for you depends on your company’s demands.
Yes *astTECS provide standlone voice logger as per business requirement. Types of Solutions available are enterprise voice logger, PRI voice logger, IP voice logger, Mobile Voice logger and Analog Voice logger.
If you want to set up a call recording system, you don’t have to worry about investing more money since the *astTECS call recording system is entirely compatible and can be connected with any current system, and is completely interoperable with any PBX such as CISCO, Matrix etc
Please contact us, if you have any questions about your business’s voice logger. You can request a callback from our experts at info@asttecs.com


saneej sebastian

We are very much glad to inform you that we covered our big day in a hassle-free way since there was *astTECS Team to assist us throughout our requirements in and out of the day.

Mr Saneej.Sebastian  Shanthibhavan palliative Hopital Pallissery, Thrissur 

anand mital

We at Shaadi.com run our call centres on *astTECS servers – a customized product supplied and supported by *astTECS Bangalore. Around 10+ servers (up to Mar 2015) have been deployed

Mr. Anand Mital CEO, Shaadi.com 

guru prasad

We have been using *astTECS Call center dialer for about a year now and very happy to have this piece of technology for our business. ”

Mr. Guru Prasad, CTO, Lifespan Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

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