Why VPN is required for remote work environment?

INTRODUCTION Look both ways before crossing the street, don't share OTP and use a VPN when working online. All of these aren't thumb rules of life but they should be. Every 39 seconds, someone attempts to hack a computer or a terminal. Moreover, these hacks account for just around [...]

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 How to reduce Abandon Call Rate (ACR) in Call Center?

How to reduce Abandon Call Rate (ACR) in Call Center? In a call center scenario, you find that there was a customer in queue waiting for assistance who suddenly left the call mid-way before contacting the agent. This is a case of abandoned calls. In recent years, with rapid [...]

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Turn your Smartphone into your PBX extension

Turn your Smartphone into your PBX extension Hey! You have a decent PBX system at the office for the inbound process, which enables your customers to reach out to you at your workplace, Have you ever wondered, what if something important comes up while you aren’t at the office? At [...]

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Upgrade Your Existing PBX with SIP -PRI

Today many network providers like Reliance/ Tata/Airtel /Vodafone is providing SIP Trunks to enterprises which has huge cost benefits for domestic and international calls. These services are provided through their NGN network, which is a purely end to end IP network. To avail the benefits of these services, the enterprise [...]

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Voice Logger for Cisco IP PBX

Voice Logger for Cisco IP PBX When business gets started, their focus is on getting new customers and retaining existing customers. They may rely on their product, sales, services but after-sales customer service is important. To improve overall customer services and agent's performance, call recording is important. But, Most [...]

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Auto Provisioning of IP Phones: What is it and How does it works ?

Think! How easy it would be if you can use IP Phones with a business phone system just by plugging in without any setup or configuration steps. Yes, there is a system called Auto Provisioning which allows the automated setup of IP phones. To understand Auto Provisioning, let us [...]

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What is Contact Center as a Service (CcaaS) ?

Contact Center as a Service (CcaaS)? Today businesses grow with dedicated and happy customers. This formula is well tested and documented. Companies today are trying to improve their customer support and thereby, adopting new methodology to the contact centers technology. Not long, Companies used to be more product and [...]

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Vicidial – The Opensource gift to Call Center Industry

Vicidial - The Opensource gift to Call Center Industry Have you been looking for open-source software for your business and call centers that can interact with Asterisk-based IP PBX Phone System which can enable it to function as an inbound/outbound call center solution? If yes, then let us introduce [...]

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