Inclusive virtual meetings: Accessibility features in *astTECS audio conferencing solution


Virtual meetings have become a key component of modern communication and collaboration. To foster diverse and inclusive workplaces, ensuring virtual meetings are accessible to all participants is of utmost importance. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of inclusive virtual meetings as well as discuss *astTECS IP-based audio conferencing solution‘s accessibility features.

Looking for Audio conferencing solution?
Look No Further!

Looking for Audio conferencing solution?
Look No Further!

Understanding accessibility in virtual meetings:

Accessibility in virtual meetings ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities or challenges, can fully participate in discussions, fostering an inclusive and diverse online environment.

Challenges associated with traditional virtual meetings:

Traditional virtual meetings were limited in accommodating participants with diverse needs, due to complex interfaces, lack of closed captioning, insufficient screen reader support and difficulty navigating platforms – creating barriers for many individuals attending virtual meetings.

These challenges hinder not only participation by differently-abled individuals but also limit any valuable insights they could add to discussions.

Accessibility features of *astTECS audio conferencing solution:

This solution provides inclusive virtual meetings by offering various accessibility features that promote inclusion. Let’s examine their effects:

1. Real-time closed captioning:

This solution offers real-time closed captioning to assist participants in following conversations accurately while also benefiting non-native speakers and people in noisy environments.

2. Screen reader compatibility:

Our solution has been specifically developed to be compatible with screen readers, real-time updates on discussions, presentations and shared content.

3. Keyboard navigation and shortcuts:

Prioritising keyboard navigation and shortcuts, this solution enables participants who prefer keyboard-based navigation to navigate the platform seamlessly.

4. Customizable user interfaces:

Our customizable user interfaces enable participants to tailor settings based on their individual preferences and layout adjustments.

5. Integration with assistive technologies:

This solution integrates seamlessly with various assistive technologies to enhance the virtual meeting experience for participants.

Frustrated with limited inclusivity?
*astTECS offers accessible virtual meetings

Frustrated with limited inclusivity?
*astTECS offers accessible virtual meetings

Advantages of inclusive virtual meetings with *astTECS

Integrating *astTECS accessibility features into virtual meetings brings many advantages:

1. Enhanced Participation:

Inclusive meetings foster participation by inviting a wide array of attendees, each contributing different insights to enrich discussions.

2. Legal Compliance:

Many regions have laws regarding digital accessibility. Inclusive virtual meetings ensure compliance with these standards.

3. Improved Communication:

Features such as captions and screen reader compatibility facilitate effective communication, minimising misunderstandings and enhancing collaboration.

4. Positive Brand Image:

Organisations that prioritise inclusivity showcase their commitment to diversity and equality, positively impacting their brand reputation.

Ready to break down barriers in virtual meetings?
Choose *astTECS Audio conference solution today!

Ready to break down barriers in virtual meetings?
Choose *astTECS Audio conference solution today!

Implementation and Adoption

Organisations looking to fully leverage inclusive virtual meetings must prioritise adopting our IP-based audio conference solution and train employees on its accessibility features so as to ensure all meetings remain accessible to everyone.


Inclusive virtual meetings go beyond compliance; they showcase an organisation’s dedication to providing an inclusive workplace. *astTECS audio conferencing solution leads the charge by offering comprehensive accessibility features, satisfying a wide variety of needs. Adopting this solution empowers every participant to contribute effectively, leading to collaboration and innovation among participants.

As our world grows ever more interdependent and dependent on communication for its existence, ensuring every individual can participate fully in virtual meetings is an important step toward real inclusiveness.