*astTECS IP PBX for Education Institutions
A complete Communication Solution for Education Institutions.


*astTECS IP PBX for Education Institutions includes a wide range of IP PBX systems designed focusing on schools, colleges, hostels & universities where the administration has a requirement for better call management system.

With IP PBX for Education Institutions series of IP-PBX systems, our clients have successfully established the advance call management system in their residential schools. This ultimately results into a more productive environment for their students who now have more time & energy to concentrate on developing their personalities, rather than spending with their smartphones.

In-build IVR

Smart IVR to respond general enquirers & status updates 24X7. Limit or avoid the human involvement for the most generic queries. Parents can call the enquiry number to access details on pre-defined data – anytime:

  • Status on Fees, Marks, Results
  • Performance feedback from faculty
  • Upcoming exams & events

Voice Blasting

Send an automated voice message to an entire uploaded contact list for making announcements & alerts. Such as:

  • Holidays
  • Events (Sports, Parents-meet)
  • Results
  • Marketing campaigns (for admissions)
  • Payment alerts (Dues & Fees)

No Phone to School Premises!

Games and Social networking apps have made the generation addicted to the cell phone. A study conducted by the researchers of university of Texas & Louisiana state university have shown improvement in scores after banning of the cell phones in schools.
Deference: Time.com

Stopping cell phones / mobile phone on school / college premises is a welcome policy by most of the education institutes, in order in make sure that their students are spending time on more productive activities. But implementing this policy is a tedious job, as these organizations do not have well define system to provide an alternative which can address the demands of parents to be in touch with their children, the demand for emergency calls, and the demands for regular updates about the students by their parents from the organization.

The astTECS IP PBX for education Institutes have studied the market and develop the perfect solution to fulfill the market need.

*astTECS IP PBX – Education Institutes is a complete Call Management Systems

Inbound & Outbound Call

Each student can have their own extension for both receiving & dialing calls.

Time based Call Slots

Administration can pre-define the time slots for outgoing calls.

Prepaid / Postpaid

Every student can select a plan as per their requirements.

Black List

Block the numbers, you wish not to receive calls from. Such as sales & promotional callers

White List

Each student (extension) can be allowed a pre-defined set of numbers to dial.

UserID & Passwords

Every student can be made available with unique ID and password to dial from any system.

Video Conferencing

Built in web based video conferencing facility for group discussions, guest lectuers, inter-school debates, etc.

Call Duration

Call duration can be controlled for both inbound & outbound calls to manage the time spend on a call.

Paging System

Campus wide paging or intercom system for making general announcements or emergency alerts.

Bundle Products

*ast Edu-50 – For 50 Extensions.
*ast Edu-100 – For 100 Extensions.
*ast Edu-200 – For 200 Extensions.
*ast Edu-300 – For 300 Extensions.
*ast Edu-500 – For 500 Extensions.
*ast Edu-1000 – For 1000 Extensions.

*ast IP PBX for Education Institutions – Network Architecture

IVR call flow for Education Institutions

*astTECS IP PBX for Eductation Institutions


*astTECS brings the most innovative voice applications, rich IP PBX capabilities and an open standards-based architecture. The solution delivers powerful communication tools and operational applications that simplify daily tasks of faculty and students”.

astTECS IP PBX solution for Educational Institutions is designed to improve productivity, deliver innovative services and communications, while reducing operating costs.
Smart Phone as an extension with Wi-Fi Client.

*astTECS IP PBX supports Smart phones as extensions within Wi-Fi range. This feature helps teachers communicate each others while roaming around the Premise/nearby location to be accessed easily. Moreover, there is no extra cost incurred and mobile bills can be saved.
Receptionist Console.

Web based Receptionist Console to view the calls in queue, extension status, drag and drop call transfer.
Built In Call Recording

Automatically record calls coming in, going out, or even internally, based on the settings you define.
Call details Report

Generate the Complete Call details report for calls which is passing through IPPBX, all incoming, Out going, Internal calls.
Voice Mail

Callers Can leave a message for the assigned number and the voice mail can be accessed later by dialing the Pin number
Voice Mail To email

Callers will have an option to leave the voice message and the same can be sent to the assigned inbox
Fax To Email

Incoming FAX can received directly on specific email id in PDF format.
Do not Disturb (DND)

Activate DND, By pressing short code digit key from a phone.
Call Forward

Option to forward call to Voice Mail. An important call can even be forwarded to the Mobile numbers.
Call Block

Block Internal calls between Students. Block internal calls between staff room during Certain period of Day.

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