AI Telephony Solution For
Educational Institutions

A complete communication solution for educational institutions

AI Telephony
Solution For

A complete communication solution
for educational institutions

*astTECS provides cutting-edge communication systems specially developed for Educational Institutes with AI capabilities. A user-friendly and feature-rich phone system for schools, colleges, hostels & universities helps to improve productivity and better connectivity with students, parents, teachers, and other staff.

Smart phone as an extension

*astTECS IP PBX supports Smartphones as extensions within the Wi-Fi range. This feature helps teachers communicate with each other while roaming around the Premises/nearby locations to be accessed easily with no extra cost incurred and mobile bills can be saved.

IP PBX with Smart Phone as an Extension feature
IP PBX with In-Built IVR

In-Built IVR

Smart IVR to respond to general enquirers & status updates 24X7. Limit or avoid human involvement for the most generic queries. Parents can call the enquiry number to access details on pre-defined data – anytime:

  • Status on Fees, Marks, Results
  • Performance feedback from faculty
  • Upcoming exams & events

Video Conference

With *astTECS PBX solution, you can extend connectivity beyond the boundaries of a school or institution with next-generation teleconferencing and collaboration. Improve multi-campus and student-teacher – parents collaboration. Help to conducting smooth online classes or guest lectures.

Paging facility

Institutes can make an important announcement to whole campuses by pressing a button on their IP Phone in the event of an emergency or other notification.

Integrated Web-based Video Conferencing Solution
Voice Blasting services

Voice Blasting

The educational industry is evolving toward a progressive method of communication and correct assessment. Voice Blasting is used to disseminate important information such as exam dates, event updates, fee reminders, holidays events, promotions, PTA meetings and more. Voice Blasting will assist the admission process by executing numerous admission broadcasting campaigns using the *astTECS IP PBX Solution.

Multi-branch connectivity

*astTECS IP PBX for educational institutions allows for the collaboration of all scattered offices/departments over a single network. It provides low-cost calling between workplaces as well as long-distance calls. The *astTECS IP PBX allows for smooth communication across all branches. Provides a real multi-site network, allowing you to set up an internal VoIP network within a building, multiple buildings on campus, or numerous campuses.

Phone System for Multiple Locations connectivity

No Phone to School Premises!

 Games and Social networking apps have made the generation addicted to the cell phone. Stopping cell phones / mobile phone on school / college premises is a welcome policy by most of the education institutes, in order in make sure that their students are spending time on more productive activities. But implementing this policy is a tedious job, as these organizations do not have well define system to provide an alternative which can address the demands of parents to be in touch with their children, the demand for emergency calls, and the demands for regular updates about the students by their parents from the organization.

Call management for students

In light of the present trends of high expectations from parents, students, and other stakeholders, educational institutions must maintain efficient, accurate, and timely communication. Stay one step ahead of the competition. Keep channels of communication open with your student.

  • User ID & Passwords : Every student can be made available with a unique ID and password to dial from any system.
  • Time-based Call Slots : Students are given a login and password, as well as time-based calling slots, which allow calls to be routed outside at certain times. Regulate the duration of calls, call duration is monitored and controlled. Students at Hostels and Educational Institutions might benefit greatly from it.
  • Inbound & outbound calling  : Each student can have their own extension for both receiving & dialling call
  • Prepaid / Postpaid : Every student can select a plan as per their requirements
  • Black List : Block the numbers, you wish not to receive calls from. Such as sales & promotional callers
  • White List : Each student (extension) can be allowed a pre-defined set of numbers to dial.
  • Call Billing : Generate Complete call billing for each students
  • Call Recording :  Automatically record calls coming in, going out, or even internally, based on the settings you define.
  • Call details Report : Generate the Complete Call details report for calls which is passing through IPPBX, all incoming, Outgoing, Internal calls.

Call management system for Education sector

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IP PBX support for Education sector

Accelerate education with an advanced school Phone system

Confused about Business Communication Setup System?
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IP PBX support for Education sector

Accelerate education with an advanced school Phone system

Our Key Benefits

Unified communication platformUnified-communication-platform

Our solution integrates voice, video and data communication providing a unified platform for seamless collaboration among students, teachers, and administrators.

Scalability for expanding institutionsScalability-for-expanding-institutions

Our system is flexible enough to keep up with the evolving communication needs of expanding educational institutions while guaranteeing continued support of an expanding user base.

Remote-learning-supportRemote learning support

Provide remote learning support by creating virtual classrooms, conference calls and online collaboration tools to maintain continuity during interruptions to education.

Enhancing mobility for staffEnhancing-mobility-for-staff

Mobile integration enables staff members to stay in contact while away from campus, giving access to calls, voicemails and messages anytime from anywhere.

IVR for information accessIVR-for-information-access

Our IVR technology offers automatic information retrieval that makes accessing exam schedules and results through self-service menus convenient and fast for users.

Multisite ConnectivityMultisite-Connectivity

Our solution is Ideal for educational institutions with multiple campuses, this ensures seamless communications and connectivity among different locations.

Security and access controlsSecurity-and-access-controls

Implements security features like access controls, encryption, and authentication to safeguard confidential communication data while creating an uncompromised telecom experience for their end users.

Intelligent call routingIntelligent-call-routing

Redirecting phone calls efficiently reduces response times while improving overall communications efficiency, thus improving overall communications effectiveness and saving both time and resources.

Integration-with-existing-systemsIntegration with existing systems

Integrates easily with other educational software systems such as student information or learning management systems to streamline workflow and ensure data accuracy and precision.

Centralized-management-and-reportingCentralized management and reporting

Telephony administrators require tools that give them control of all elements within the phone system as well as reporting features for monitoring its performance and usage.


Sacred Heart Educational Institutions, Chennai, TN

Overall: Our search for IPPBX solutions not only ended with *astTECS but also our problem of having all our employees stay connected across various locations. Sacred Heart Group of Schools, Chennai had a use case to solve the key to connect with customers and also keep data privacy intact. *astTECS provided us with a seamless intercom over IP and also app based softphone solution which can be accessed while on the go. We use their VoLTE based GSM gateway as a outbound dialer as a help line for our parents and they also are able to connect with multiple agents with just a single help-line number. Data security is key to our organization and *astTECS has helped us a lot in achieving the same.

*astTECS has helped us build a reliable connection with our customers over voice. *astTECS has helped us to build a personalised experience for the customers over voice calls. Tracking, managing and building call flow is pretty easy. – It has excellent features like multi-level IVR, call recording, call routing, call analytics, etc.Excellent support from *astTECS team.

Mr. Alfred Abraham ,  IT & Resource Coordinator , Sacred Heart Educational Institutions, Chennai, TN 

Mr. Anand Mital CEO,

We at run our call centres on *astTECS servers – a customized product supplied and supported by *astTECS Bangalore. Around 10+ servers (up to Mar 2015) have been deployed

Mr. Anand Mital CEO, 

Mr. Guru Prasad, CTO, Lifespan Wellness Pvt. Ltd

We have been using *astTECS Call center dialer for about a year now and very happy to have this piece of technology for our business. ”

Mr. Guru Prasad, CTO, Lifespan Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

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