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Call Center solution helps brands and organizations to manage customer communication over different modes. Omnichannel Call Center Solution provides customer support over calls, chats, emails, chatbots and other platforms.
The basic features of call center solution are automatic call distribution, IVR, voice logger, WhatsApp integration, voice blasting, CRM integration, SMS integration, agent monitoring, reports and campaigns, voice mail to email, missed call alert, call history, feedback IVR, sticky agent, call routing, click to call and many more.
Inbound call centers manage incoming calls from customers. Inbound call center software is deployed to handle incoming calls, and to facilitate easy routing of all calls to the right agent. All the queries can be answered by the agent on-call, thereby increasing customer experience.
Outbound call centers manage outgoing communication to potential customers and buyers. Outbound call center software are deployed to reach out to a targeted customers through different channels. Outbound call center software provided different dialling modes such as preview, progressive and predictive dialing that improves agents productivity.
A predictive dialer is an automated outbound calling system that dials from a list of telephone numbers. It automatically calls numbers until it detects a connection, then passes the call to a live agent. Predictive dialers eliminate the need for agents to dial numbers manually hence save agent’s time .
Progressive dialer is an outbound calling system that dials a number automatically from a call list as soon as an agent becomes available. It will wait for an agent to finish their current call before it dials the next number on the list, and it will only dial one number per agent.
*astTECS provide both premise and cloud call center solution . For remote team , We have Cloud call center and mobile call center. It allows you to set up a remote call center in a few minutes, your team will just need a stable internet connection and smart phone to get started.

Yes, We can connect your old business phone numbers with the contact center solution. You can
keep using your old business numbers for call center setup.

*astTECS provides customized solution as per business requirements with customised dashboards and reports. We have customised solution for SMEs, Healthcare, Real Estate, Enducational Institutes, Hospitality sector, Finance and Banking, Automobiles, Tours & Travels etc
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