Vicidial – The Opensource gift to Call Center Industry

Have you been looking for open-source software for your business and call centers that can interact with Asterisk-based IP PBX Phone System which can enable it to function as an inbound/outbound call center solution?

If yes, then let us introduce you to one tool that is the most popular open-source contact center solution in the world and is trusted by many large enterprises and call centers. The tool we are talking about today is VICIdial.

We often got asked this question a lot:

“Should we start using VICIdial for our call center?”

Let’s explore this popular call center software and find answers yourself.

Quick Background about VICidial

GetApp has ranked VICIdial in the top 10 of their “Category Leaders” for 2021

Capterra has listed VICIdial on their “shortlist” for 2021

Software Advice has awarded VICIdial as “Front Runner” in the Call Center Technology for 2021

What is VICIdial?

Let’s explore what makes VICIdial such an amazing call center software suite and a favourite among lakhs of users.

VICIdial makes it easy to interact with Asterisk based Open Source PBX Phone System and enables it to work as a complete inbound/outbound contact center.

Agents can handle outbound and inbound calls along with manual and predictive outbound dialling. The best part about it is that it can handle the customer chat support and inbound emails on the same screen agent are working on. It is extremely flexible and scalable.

It is an easy to use tool. The learning curve is low, and all the features are arranged perfectly and intuitively.

Advantages of VICIdial

  1. Work From Anywhere/ Anytime

VICIdial is a web-based software that only requires a stable internet connection. It gives the organization the flexibility of enabling work from home anywhere and hiring remote employees. It provides zero infrastructure solution for companies and set up the mobile call center.

With this solution, you can build your business empires across boundaries providing local support hiring local executives.

Read about how an automatic dealer expanded his business in different states hiring remote agents using VICIdial solution by *astTECS

2. Multiple Dialing Modes

VICIdial provides an autodialer mode that increases call connect ratio and agents can make more calls as the automated dialer automatically dials another number after one that leads to higher agent productivity.

It also facilitates other dialling modes such as predictive dialling and preview dialling. The availability of all the dialling modes makes this open-source software more valuable.

3. Call Recording

Another important feature VICIdial offers is automated/scheduled call recording. Call recording is important for analyzing the agent’s performance, agent training, and settling up disputes with customers.

4. Highly Customizable

VICIdial contact center software can be customized easily as it is an open-source solution. Businesses can easily customize the software, dashboards, and reports according to their requirements.

It can also be integrated easily with other third-party software and CRM systems. *astTECS provides ready-to-use call center dashboards according to industry requirements.

5. No Vendor Lock-In

Open Source Solution comes with its source code so no vendor lock-in as code can be tweaked by the UC solution provider. VICIdial contact center software allows integration of any phone system with the software, unlike proprietary technology.

Proprietary softwares such as Cisco Systems, Genesys and Avaya can only be integrated with their phone systems and solutions which are not there in open source softwares such as VICIdial. VICIdial call center solution can be easily integrated with any phone system and solution with vendor lock-in issues.

6. Integrations

VICIdial call center software can be integrated with any phone system and other softwares, CRM, Whatsapp, Email, SMS and ERP systems.

*astTECS provides integration of call center software with all the popular CRM systems like ZOHO and Salesforce.

7. Real-time Dashboard

Running multiple campaigns is easy but monitoring them together on different screens is hard and toggle among screens to view campaign performance can confuse you.

VICIdial brings all the campaigns on a single screen, one dashboard integrated to different sources makes the campaign monitoring easy for managers.



8. Other Features

Other VICIdial features include Skills-based routing, callback scheduling, custom music for different campaigns, IVR integration, view the status of agents logged in, and many more advanced features which helps to boost the agent’s productivity while reducing company cost.

The Last Words

With such amazing features in hand and constant updates rolling out makes VICIdial the most used and popular call center software used by enterprises and call centers. There is a lot more that can be done VICidial and at *astTECS, we are always experimenting and bringing out new integrations with it to make your call center more efficient.

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