Contact Center as a Service (CcaaS)?

Today businesses grow with dedicated and happy customers. This formula is well tested and documented. Companies today are trying to improve their customer support and thereby, adopting new methodology to the contact centers technology.

Not long, Companies used to be more product and service-centric, and little or no heed was given to the customer impact, and hence funds allocated were inappropriate. The mindset has struck a rock bottom, as customers can make and break businesses, and therefore, the department of customer service has risen to the limelight and is labeled as the most critical sector in a company as they hold the connection between a company and its customers.

Talking about Customer Support, it has always been a link to connect with the customers. It got to be top-notch beyond reasoning, and one needs to make sure contact center solutions should always be updated with all the market’s needs and trends.

At this time, when everyone is advancing to newer and better methodology, if you are still stuck at the traditional call centers and equipment, you are exhausting your resources both financially and mentally. There are easily replaceable and better options available today, that can save you a lot of expenses and still be more effective than traditional methods. CCaaS is one such cloud-based communication solution that is more effective and has tons of automatons for your businesses.

What is CCaaS – Contact Center as a Service

CCaaS or Contact Center as a Service, a subscription-based licensing service model that enables the companies to buy only the technology needed. It allows companies to run their customer support on the cloud and thereby leverage all features like automatic call distribution(ACD), interactive voice response(IVR), call recording, analytics, and agent call activity at a very minimal cost. It encompasses all the features of on-premise call centers, and its robust, flexible, and unified.

CCaaS operates on the OPEX Model instead of the CAPEX Model, and most of the small businesses prefer to have this model due to cost control benefits.

Important features of CcaaS

Now, let us look at some salient features of CCaaS in detail in this section.

  • Customizable Call Flows for Optimized Interactions

The interactions with customers are something which no company will like to miss. The use of CCaaS levels up your architecture and allows you to customize the call flow, which in turn improves the overall interaction between the customer and contact center employees. With skill-based routing features, the calls can be routed to agents with the most relevant skills for handling their concerns. This in turn helps to alleviate a lot of customer stress by streamlining the customer service experience.

  • Monitor, collect data, and create reports

Reporting and analytics have become fundamental to companies to measure the performance and quality of service given. CcaaS platforms provide real-time data and reports that help to analyze the efficiency of the agent. The same also helps agents in interactions with customers as all their past call history and complaints are available to the agent at hand. This allows agents to understand the frequent pain points of their customers and quick resolution of the queries.

  • Centralized operation

The site of operations differs for every organization from one site to multiple sites across the country and globe. The organization needs a healthy connection between all these zones for smooth operations. The CCaaS supports multiple sites. Even if your contact centers are at difficult physical locations, they are always connected and maintained through a single central window, which is accessible from anywhere, only if you are connected to the internet.

  • Omnichannel Approach

In a company, there are a lot of communication channels within and for the customers, these being, voice, chatbot, email, and SMS. It is imperative that there is a smooth integration among all these channels. CCaaS connects all these channels and maintains transparency, to help you keep track of the customer’s requests and queries. Today, Queries are not only voice calls, and so it is reasonable to adopt CCaaS and integrate channels for smooth functioning.

  • Engagement features

It’s time to use the same contact center facilities to reach out to the customers for engagement on a new feature, sales, up-gradation, and offers. The channel can be used now, as a two-way channel to reach out to the customers. This heavily increases the reach and interactions in Campaigns. The CCaaS platform enables outbound Calling and outreach campaigns. This approach permits customers to be trusted and resolve any difficulties in an ideal way. To evaluate consumer loyalty, you can likewise send a post-call overview. With this programmed work, you can gather extra information about client observations and feedback on the agents.

What are the benefits of a CCaaS?

Companies are looking to implement work from home solutions for their employees in all possible departments. This has significantly increased the demand for the solution. CCaaS services are expected at $24 billion by 2023. Whether you are planning to set up a new contact center or updating the existing contact center technology, the advantage of choosing CcaaS is an ideal option. Let’s look at why they are thriving.

  • CCaaS provides operation flexibility, reliability, and scalability.

A significant favorable position of the Contact Center As A Service is that it permits organizations to rapidly scale the contact center innovation to fulfill the needs of business and clients, additionally adding or lessening the number of specialists. There is no need to paying for unused licenses, purchasing costly capacity servers. Moreover, setting the contact center framework in the data centers, guarantees dependability, accessibility, and disaster management, ensuring that the contact place consistently continues running and hence Business Continuity is achieved.

  • CCaaS improves customer experience.

CCaaS technology enables multichannel, intelligent routing, customer history, and others that improve the quality of interaction and effectively connect with customers. It allows real-time agents monitoring and calls that improve customer interaction, hence better customer experience.

  • CCaaS decreases cost with contact center technology.

It is self-explanatory that CCaaS will cut costs. There is no upfront infrastructure investment required; services are delivered on a cloud model, no IT requirements, no payment for maintenance, and upgrades. The subscription-based licensing service model allows all businesses, irrespective of size, to choose the most convenient price package and upgrade or downgrade as needed.

  • CCaaS guarantees data privacy and security.

CCaaS is a protected, trustworthy, and consistent stage for contact Center software and services. Furthermore, there is additionally close monitoring to distinguish dangers and conduct reviews and assurance in general security.

Is CCaaS right for you?

Nowadays, customers expect companies to be able to communicate with steadiness in their service response what they want, and the only way to manage this complex communication is by bringing in modern technology.

CCaaS offers all advanced features that help the businesses to change as it demands and also make it easier to deploy for remote and work from home agents. Additionally, CCaaS allows you to scale as your business goes upward, so CCaaS is the best choice if you want to expand your business.

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