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What is a VPN?

In today’s digital age, securing your online presence is more crucial than ever. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers you the freedom to browse the internet safely, privately, and without restrictions. But what exactly is a VPN?
At *astTECS, we believe in providing you with the tools to safeguard your online activities. A VPN acts as a secure and encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet, ensuring that your data remains confidential and your online identity is protected.

Why Choose *astTECS VPN?

Secure your online world today! Get started with our VPN solution for ultimate privacy and security.

How our VPN solution works?

Protect your online privacy, stay anonymous, and access restricted content with a our VPN software.

Features of VPN Solution


VPNs encrypt data transmitted over the internet using encryption protocols that ensures even if someone intercepts the data, they won’t be able to decipher it.


VPNs hide your true IP address with that of a server you connect to, making it harder for anyone to trace back any online activities to you personally.

Access to Geo-Restricted Content

VPNs allow users to connect to servers located in different regions, giving them access to content that may be restricted in their region – particularly useful when streaming or accessing websites that might require authentication.

Bypass Internet Censorship

VPNs can help users in countries where internet censorship exists to access blocked websites and services by bypassing filters that block their access.

No-Logs Policy

Reputable VPN providers uphold a no-logs policy, meaning they do not keep records of your online activities and this further protects your privacy.

Data Privacy

VPNs can protect your IP address and internet actions from the scrutiny of others including cybercriminals, ISPs, and websites to protect your privacy through this method.

Multiple Device Support

Many VPN services allow you to use one subscription on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Security on Public Wi-Fi

The public Wi-Fi networks leave your data susceptible to attack by hackers VPNs help keep Wi-Fi networks secure by encrypting connections, allowing users to connect to public networks without putting at risk their personal data.

Customer Support

Customers of reliable VPN services should expect support services to assist with any questions or issues that arise.

Split Tunneling

Some VPNs offer Split tunneling allows you to choose which traffic goes through the VPN and which traffic goes over your regular Internet connection. This feature can be particularly useful if you only need protection for specific applications or websites.

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