Cloud IVR [Interactive Voice Response]

What is Cloud based IVR (Interactive Voice Response)?

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an automated business phone system feature that interacts with callers and gathers information by giving them choices via a menu and route calls to appropriate agents based on inputs. A Cloud based IVR or hosted IVR functions similarly like a regular IVR system, except that it operates on the cloud. Cloud IVR allows you to automate and manage the customer calls or business processes over the phone without any physical telephony infrastructure.
*astTECS Cloud based IVR helps the business to handle high volume calls by intelligently identifying, segmenting and routing the calls to the right agents. Blend of self service and talk to agent options help the customer to have seamless and hassle free communication to resolve their queries. With our IVR software, you can have flexible and customisable virtual assistant to handle customer calls 24/7.

cost effective Cost effective

Cloud IVR eliminates the capital expense of setting up infrastructure and maintainance and allows you to pay only for services used.

easy setupEasy setup at minimal time

Get started your cloud-based IVR instantly with no infrastructure requirement

improved customer experienceImproved Customer Experience

*astTECS Cloud IVR allows to handle every customer calls with utmost professionalism and intelligently routing the calls to right agent.

effective call managementEffective Call Management

Manage the high volume calls with Self-service options powered by conversational AI technology for repetitive calls and regular queries.

first call resolution

First Call Resolution

IVR aid to faster issue resolution by routing the customer calls to the agent hence decrease the call handling time. This helps to enhance the brand image and increase customer loyalty.

24/7 visibility24/7 Availability

With *astTECS Cloud IVR, you provide the customers the options to connect with your business whenever they want to. With an IVR, you will be able to respond to every customer call with their queries using automated support and self service option even when agents are busy or not available.

What *astTECS Cloud IVR offers?

Customisable IVR

*astTECS Cloud IVR can be customised as per your business need. Define your personalised IVR flow, IVR script, customer greetings,music hold etc.

Call Recording

Cloud-based IVR call recording feature for agent performance monitoring, dispute resolution and analytical purposes.

Text to Speech Conversion & Speech Recognition

Alter your script anytime and as required to generate effective voice recording for your IVR. Speech Recognition technology allows callers to respond to prompt messages in spoken language which eases the navigation through the menu.

Multilingual Support

With Multi-language voice support, calls are handle more efficiently and economically without the human intervention.

Multi level IVR

Create multi level and sub level as per your business requirement for better call handling.

Time based routing

Time-based and team-based call routing for seamless customer interaction.

Third party Integration

*astTECS Cloud IVR easily integrate with CRM, SMS, WhatsApp, Truecaller, Payment Gateway for effective communications and business process.

Insightful Dashboard

Get insight of all call activities on a single dashboard. Monitor agent performance, track agent calls and analytics to improve the customer service.

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Solution Available

Inbound IVR

inbound IVRCloud based inbound IVR to handle large volume of customer calls efficiently and deliver high quality customer service. It replace the need of receptionist in a business with the automated process which receives call, gather the data and route the call to the right agent.

Outbound IVR

outbound IVROutbound IVR allows to create voice call campaign and send out pre recorded message to the customers via phone calls,SMS, Email etc. without the involvement of a live agent. This is mostly used bill payment reminders, for promotional and offers, subscriptions and appointments confirmation.

payment gateways

   Payment Gateways

IVR integration with payment gateway allows the customer to pay their bills at any time without human interventions Payments may be made through secure platform to ensure sensitive data are protected from data breaches.

WhatsApp Integration

IVR integration with WhatsApp Business allows the customer who dialled your support number to move their converstion to WhatsApp. This saves inordinate wait time during peak hours. IVR to WhatsApp deflection not only reduces cost but also provide a seamless omni-channel experience for your customers. It also allows to send rich media – images, documents, videos etc.

watsapp integration
sms integration

SMS Integration

Give Customers an Option to switch to SMS in the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) help to reduce the wait time and provide better customer experience. one can use a new number or existing number to communicate with customers via SMS messages.

The SMS service can be classified into two :

  • Broadcast Meassage : With integration with SMS, IVR can send predesigned text message to a large number of customers with the link for promotion, surveys, company updates etc.
  • Interactive Message: In place of voice response, the system will interact one to one with the customers via text messages. In this Bots Bots will reply with text messages to the customer to address their queries

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Frequently Asked Questions

IVR, stands for interactive voice response, is a technology that allows businesses to connect with consumers using pre-recorded voice messages and DTMF / voice input through a keypad to automate inbound calls. OBD is a outbound dialling used for marketing-based communication channel to engage with customers for offers, promotions, billing reminders, appointment booking etc.
Major Types of IVR available are , Inbound IVR, Outbound IVR, Premise based IVR (require to installed in office premises) and Cloud IVR – Hosted in cloud
IVR voice blasting is a combination of IVR service and voice blast. It is a great tool to capture leads and connect with leads immediately. The technology allows pre-recorded voice messages to broadcast automatically to mass of audience and capture the response from targeted customers.

*astTECS IVR can integrate with third party payment gateways that have security and compliance measures to protect customers details. This feature allows the customers to make payments for bills, fees, etc over the phone without agent intervention.

An IVR call flow is the path or flow chart to take inputs from customer before routing to correct department or agent.
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Yes you can use your existing number for IVR services

Setting up a Cloud IVR takes minimal time and can activate remotely.

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astTECS allowed me to achieve a very noticeable improvement to our ability to conduct business and helped my recognition as a new manager to the company.

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anand mital

We at run our call centres on *astTECS servers – a customized product supplied and supported by *astTECS Bangalore. Around 10+ servers (up to Mar 2015) have been deployed

Mr. Anand Mital CEO, 

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“Your services have added immense value to our business. The support from your team has been wonderful. You are a trusted partner in our progress.”

Mr. Anup Heggar, Director, Bookaprop Estate (P) Ltd.

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