*astTECS Omni-Channel Contact Center solution allows your customer to communicate with the agent on any preferred channels. It helps to enhance the customer experience by providing them comprehensive access to various available channels like voice, chat, E-mail, SMS & social media in single interface. It empowers any size of business to deliver Superior Customer services.

Why Omni – Channel Solutions?

   All Channels in Single Interface

Enabled personalized customer experience by interacting them across their preferred communication channels. It increases agents’ productivity by enabling them to engage customer in multiple channels simultaneously and view all the channels on a single interface.

    Real-time Monitoring

Tracking live and historical customer interaction helps call center supervisors to better understand their customers, measure department and individual agent efficiency. It helps to get a detailed overview of which channel is performing better and most utilised.

   CRM Integrations

*astTECS Omni -channel solution can integrate with various CRM software and other legacy systems. The integration enables the agent to access customer information and interaction and ensures improved customer experience and effective communication.

   Improved Efficiency

Omni-channel solution intelligently route the incoming interaction from different channels to the right agent for quick resolution at minimal time, thus improve the agent’s efficiency

   Omni channel Experiences

With an omnichannel presence, agents can seamlessly switch between channels while resolving customer queries. With an omnichannel software, agents can easily access the customer history across various channels and provide quick resolution.

*astTECS Omni channel contact center is an integrated suite of intelligent, intuitive solutions that allow you to engage with customers and prospects on their channel of choice. Designed at scale to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.


The voice still remains the preferred channel in the contact center when it comes to customer – agent interaction. Make every interaction count with *astTECS Omni- channel solution whether it is an inbound or outbound calls.


Expand your Omnichannel Solution support with WhatsApp and Chat. It allows to send and receive
• video
• images
• Documents
• Text
• Location
• Transaction
• Interactive buttons

Other Social-media Channels

*astTECS Omni allows agents to respond to social media enquiries immediately from the unified agent desktop. When the customers start interacting on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels, the agent can reply with direct Message. It helps your contact center to reach larger audience and build brand.


*astTECS Omni provides e-mail channel that help the contact center to reply faster and delight the customers with quick response time.
• Emails are easily accessible
• Ability to attach files
• Email is a trustworthy channel
• Email support is cost effective
• Customer surveys can be conducted
• Capture detailed Information about Issues


Integration with SMS enables to send notifications or docket numbers to the customers for future reference. The SMS integration is very useful where internet penetration is very low and other channels are not working properly.

How Does *astTECS Omni-Channel Works?

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Frequently ask question (FAQ)

An Omni-channel contact center is a contact center that allows its customers to communicate with the agent via their preferred channel. These Omni-channel contact centers are strategized to enhance the customer experience by providing them
comprehensive access to various available channels like voice, chat, email, messaging & social media in single interface.
Multichannel contact centre can engage the customers on multiple channels via calls, text, web chats, web call, social media, email etc. But all these channels are not integrated with each other so it doesn’t provide seamless customer experience. While in Omni-channel all the communication channels are integrated and interconnected to each other in single interface to provide a seamless customer experience.
*astTECS Omni-channel solution supports different channels like Voice, Email, SMS, Social Messenger (Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, Whatsapp). If you are looking other social messenger like instagram, linkedin or twitter, we can set up channel on request.
Please contact our VoIP expert at 080-6640 6640 or sales@asttecs.com for Free Demo and discussion.