Protect your network security with *astTECS Firewall Solution. *astFirewall solution is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to a privately owned network. To know more about the *astFirewall solution download the file.

Download the resource file to learn more about the different integrations with telephony systems that can help to improve business communications.


Truecaller Verified Business solutions are offering to solve the problem at the scale and focus on this hygiene and legacy problem in daily life business communication. The solution will amplify and help to build an efficient and trustworthy call-based communication experience for users and businesses alike. To know more about truecaller solution, download the file.

IP PBX features

*astTECS IPPBX is built on an Open Source Asterisk platform which provides all the high-end features that help an organization’s communication simpler and more robust.
Most of these features are inbuilt in our system while in proprietary PBX, they may not be available or charged separately as an add-on.
To know more about IPPBX download the file.

Call center tips and tricks

Call Center Dialer has the potential to revolutionize how you connect with your team and your customers. With a variety of different features, you can certainly create a solution that caters specifically to your business needs. *astTECS Call Center Dialer is an independent & intelligent auto dialer software that controls both incoming and outbound calls using various algorithms. To know more about the potential of call center dialer download the file.

New age telephony

Unified Communications (UC) is the next evolution in enterprise communications and collaboration technologies, bringing all varied connections under a single architecture. This process makes communication seamless, no matter where you are or what device you use. These communications can be delivered over an IP (Internet protocol) network through different mechanisms. To know more about Unified Communication download the file.

Omnichannel Call Center

An Omni channel contact center is a contact center that allows its customers to communicate with the agent via their preferred channel. These Omnichannel contact centers are strategized to enhance the customer experience by providing them comprehensive access to various available channels like voice, chat, email, messaging & social media in a single interface. To know more  about Omni channel contact center download the file.

asttecs telephony solutions

Cloud telephony is a type of unified communications as a service (UCaaS), essentially enabling organizations to run a business phone system through their internet connection. Cloud telephony offers business voice services, run and managed by a third-party operator or host. To know more about cloud telephony download the file.

*astTECS Cloud Call Center Solution offers the flexibility of shifting your business communication to the Cloud and enables remote working. It helps you to connect with your customer and team anywhere, anytime. To know more download the resource file. To know more about the cloud call center solution download the file.


Network security is a major concern for growing businesses today. To ensure greater online security, keep business data safe from hackers and trackers and detecting VoIP threats, every business opt for better and different security solution as per their requirement like  VPN, SBC (Session Border Controller) &  firewall. To know more about a different security solution downloads the resource file. 

analog voice logger

*astTECS Voice Logger for Analog Lines is a multi-line passive voice recording device that can be used to record telephone conversations occurring on analog trunks and extensions. The Analog Line voice logger is capable of logging call details including the Caller ID, Ring Duration, Call Duration, Call Start Time & End Time, Call Type (Incoming/Outgoing), Call Status (Failed/Missed/Connected). To Know more about Voice Logger download the file.

Download presentation to read *astTECS Unified Communication Solution Integrated with CISCO Systems

*astTECS telephony solution can integrate seamlessly with 3rd party software such as CRM integration, Social Media Integration, Whats App integration, Website, Email and SMS Integration. To know more on third party integration, download the presentation.