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*astTECS Unified Communication solution for the healthcare industry provides an ideal customer experience to its patients. The solution allows patients to schedule an appointment using the IVR system, reduce cost on manual follow-ups with patients and automated reminders for a regular checkup. Multiple touchpoints for patients to provide an Omnichannel Experience. It allows customer service agents to communicate with patients on phone calls, e-mails, chat or whatsapp to provide omnichannel customer experience. *astTECS communication solution will not only improve the hospital engagement with the patient but will also enhance staff productivity while keeping the cost under control.

SmartPhones as an Extension

*astTECS IP-PBX supports smartphones as an extension within Wi-Fi range. Allow health care workers and doctors to communicate flexibly and simply. While on rounds, a doctor has to be available in multiple places or guide process workflows. This feature helps the doctors to access easily while roaming around the hospital premises. Connect patients to the right hospital staff at any time, in any location, on any device, even your smartphone.

Appointment scheduling & reminders

The patients can book an appointment just by dialling the number without speaking with an agent or visiting the website. *astTECS smart self-service IVR can help them to book the appointment just in a few clicks, or it can also route the call to the right agent if the patient wants to interact with the agent.

  • Allow event-based triggers to remind your patients about upcoming appointments via SMS / Whatsapp, so that they don’t miss out any appointments.
  • Patients want to know the status of their appointments as well as the prerequisites for visiting the doctor or consulting online. This solution will help hospitals to save on manpower costs and increase the footfall of patients in the hospital.
  • Allow customers to arrange appointments, view reports and medical prescriptions, and receive booking confirmations via their preferred channel.

Video Conference

Improve the healthcare system with the potential for video communication, while keeping medical costs low while improving patient access to high-quality treatment.

  • Virtual appointments and consultations allow patients to safely meet with  doctors, enhancing access and efficiency, particularly for bedridden patients.
  • Virtual waiting room arrangements can help healthcare facilities enhance  efficiency and service levels.
  • Superior videoconferencing capabilities may bring continuing education opportunities to the provider’s office, reducing travel expenses and time away from the workplace.

CodeBase Alarm

Connects instantly with the emergency team from any extension on their Mobile / Extension. Escalate the alert to the next group or person during the unavailability of one. Enable redundant phone, SMS, and email messaging.

Paging system

In case of emergency, *astTECS IP PBX supports paging system to make overhead ward announcement with one click call from your extension.

Call Recording

In built call recording features helps to record all inbound/outbound calls for quality monitoring and disputes resolution. It can filter voice files based on source, destination, time & duration. Keep all call detail reports and verification of compliance by recording the whole discussion with the other party and encrypting records for security.

Improve Patient Retention Rate Using Automated Feedback:

Once the patient has visited the hospital, the hospital can send them the automated feedback call/ SMS to rate the quality of service and overall experience.
With the feedback received, the hospital can work on the suggestions given by the patient to deliver the quality service. It will also help hospitals to maintain their relationship with patients and retain them.

Third Party Software Integration (HMIS / CRM etc)

*astTECS IP PBX solution can be integrated seamlessly with any third party Software – CRM, HMIS to maintain the patient details reports and to ensure that all of the patients’ needs are met in a timely way. Also allow to send e-reports to patients and their family through email, whatsapp etc.

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We have been using *astTECS IP PBX Solution for the past 2 years. We found the system to be very efficient and the after-sales services are very prompt. We strongly recommend others to go for *astTECS IP PBX solutions.

Mr. Abin Abraham , Network Administrator , Believers Church Medical College Hospital, Thiruvalla

we are very glad to implement asttecs IP PBX solution at our Hospital, This has really helped us to increase the effectiveness in our communications. We will strongly recommend this company to you

Mr. Bineesh Antony System Admin , SABINE HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTER PVT Ltd., Kerala 

Guru Prasad

We have been using *astTECS Call center dialer for about a year now and very happy to have this piece of technology for our business. ”

Mr. Guru Prasad, CTO, Lifespan Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

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