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Excellent for Call and Meeting


sturdy build, metal, plastic, and wire + USB connection
– lightweight
– extra ear cushion
– does pick up only your voice
– yes, noises are dropped, in-house cooker whistle, utensil noise from the kitchen or far speaking is dropped
– adjustable
– sound quality excellent including mic pickup

– None

Note: Not for music listening – Fidelity is low and response tuning more centered towards human voices, mono, mixes stereo into mono. They especially claim it for the call center, it is correct.

No false claim.
Giving 5 stars!!!

Omprakash Mishra, Amazon.in

Excellent product looking at the price range

Recently bought it from Amazon for mainly 2 usages.
1. Kids online classes – so she needed a headset which she can wear for hours without having any pain and with crystal clear sound quality
2. To play online games – without any lag or delay a clear sound

I am happy to say that the above headphone takes care of both. My daughter is 11 and other than online classes she also plays ROBLOX a lot and on average the headphone is being used by her at least 4 – 6 hours a day. She has 0 complaints and extremely happy. Also, I use it to listening to songs or watch movies and it is equally impressive .. Given full 5 rating due to the above.

SPL NOTE: Please do not compare it with high end Sony or Sennheiser or Bose for sound quality. If you match it with similar products in similar price range then this is the best so far I have used. Definitely can recommend to buy if you need a headphone with crytal clear sound , noise cancelling mic and ease of use for long hours …

Droy, Amazon.in

Delivers all the specs mentioned with good quality sound. Mic also works well including mute/unmute and volume control. Very good package at this price range. Suits best for taking office meetings over Skype, ms teams, or any other apps. Sound clarity is good. If you are looking for a USB headset with a microphone for meetings then this is the one which meets the need. I did check other brands with the same requirements but those are too expensive. I hope this helps.

Goutama Hegde, Amazon.in

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