Case Study: Transforming CRMs to Interactive Customer Applications With *astTECS Click-2-Call

LOCATION: Bangalore


Being an IT Company, Vibrant Screens is capable of developing any kind of database portal. For years, they have been using their self-developed CRM to maintain their customer data, their orders, their warranty and support periods, and their complaint categories. Over the years, this CRM has grown to manage multiple services that the company was offering. Also, a great deal of effort was invested in the automation of reports and the formatting of the reports for various departments. Vibrant Screen wants to integrate the telephony feature into their CRM.


This IT company is well-versed in managing web applications and databases. It was not easy for the various departments in this organisation to switch over to any other CRM system.

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*astTECS offered its Click-to-Call APIs which transformed this static CRM into a strong communication platform. With *astTECS Click-2-Call, the CRM transformed from just a database to the ultimate lifeline for customers.

This upgrade has helped the organization eliminate human error and accelerate customer interactions and timely outbound calls. With this upgrade, their CRM is now a complete communication tool, allowing the team to access the customer’s data.


  • Enhanced Communication: CRM is now integrated with telephony features, allowing the team to access customer data and initiate communications directly, making it a comprehensive communication tool.
  • Efficiency and Speed: The integration reduces delays and potential errors in customer communication, leading to more efficient and timely interactions.
  • User Familiarity: By upgrading the existing CRM rather than replacing it, the solution preserved the familiarity and comfort that the staff had with the system, minimizing disruption and training requirements. This transformation exemplifies how integrating advanced communication tools with existing systems can significantly enhance operational efficiency and customer service capabilities.

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About *astTECS Click-2-Call:

Multiple Dialing Options:

  • Softphone (Desktop-based calling): Make calls directly from the computer, utilising software that simulates a phone interface. It’s ideal for office settings where a computer is the primary workstation.
  • IP Phone (Hardware): The agents can also opt for dedicated hardware devices designed for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calling. These phones provide tactile buttons and a traditional handset, offering a familiar calling experience, ideal for users who prefer physical devices.
  • Click on the CRM button to receive calls on your mobile phone: Agents or CRM users can also use their mobile phones as a tool to talk to their prospects. As mobile phones are handy and familiar, this option is gaining popularity. Above all, this reduces the organization’s initial capital expenditure for hardware and network setup.
  • Using the CRM (mobile) app to initiate the calls: CRM users can also take advantage of the mobility and convenience offered by their CRM’s mobile app to initiate outbound calls. This enables them to stay connected and productive while on the go, ensuring they can make calls anytime, anywhere.

With *astTECS Click-2-Call, every interaction becomes more than just a conversation; it’s an opportunity for the agent to offer the best engagement experience to the end customer. This is only possible if the agents can effortlessly access call details, history, and recordings.

Freedom to choose Trunk:

  • SIP/PRI from *astTECS
  • SIP/PRI from client location
  • SIP/PRI from a client at *astTECS Datacenter
  • GSM (both VoLTE and non-VoLTE)

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