All About Predictive Dialer and its Benefits

All About Predictive Dialer and its Benefits If your business needs outbound telemarketing to generate leads or drive sales, then let us introduce you to the predictive dialer. But why it is imperative for your business? This technology is going to help in great ways and we will find out [...]

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Understanding Omni-Channel

Understanding Omni Channel Advent of modern communication and networking platforms have added numerous channels, over and above the existing voice calls and sms, to reach the customer and vice versa. Simultaneous support for the new channels has become inevitable to organisations, who strive to provide the best customer service. [...]

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The Only Guide You Will Need On Call Center Dialer

The Only Guide You Will Need On Call Center Dialer If you're looking for a well-researched guide on call center dialers, you've come to the right place. There are plenty of articles out there that will tell you what a call centre dialer is and even tips on how [...]

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Top 9 Reasons Why Cloud Telephony Is The Best Choice For Your Business

For many businesses, handling customer service via phone is crucial. If customers can't have their questions or concerns addressed during regular business hours, they may think of your company as unreliable or unprofessional. Cloud telephony allows you to keep your business open and responsive 24/7. What is Cloud Telephony? [...]

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How to reduce corporate telephone bills?

How to reduce corporate telephone bills? If you are dealing with high business telephone bills, you are not alone. I talk to many business owners daily, and the most asked questions by them are how I can reduce my office or call centre phone system bill. I am no [...]

Cloud Based Voice Logger

Cloud Based Voice Logger Small businesses have always been reluctant in adopting new business communication tools and technologies. Some of the most common tools are IP PBX, Voice Logger, and GSM Gateways, etc. There can be several reasons behind it, but the common ones are what we have [...]

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