PRI Gateway

E1 / T1 VoIP Gateway


PRI Gateway

E1 / T1 VoIP Gateway

*astTECS PRI Gateway

*astTECS PRI Gateway gives the freedom to connect any enterprise telephony equipment to any internet based next generation network.

With the integrated E1/T1 interfaces and the E-SBC functionality the *astTECS PRI Gateway is the ideal demarcation point for the interface between the enterprise and the network for existing and new technologies.

Using a high precise 5ppm clock and multiple CODECS for voice and fax ensures full ISDN quality. With the integrated header and routing manipulation capabilities a smooth migration for all enterprise equipment and network requirement is guaranteed.

  • Scalable Solution for up to 2 E1/T1 Ports.
  • Demarcation point for ISDN & IP PBXs
  • Full ISDN quality for voice, fax and data.
  • High precise 5ppm clock for full fax and DECT support
  • E-SBC feature set for VoIP-to-VoIP & ISDN-to-VoIP.

PRI Gateway Features

Call Routing

  • Multiple SIP registrars
  • Multilevel alternative routing
  • Black / White list
  • QoS routing

Call Manipulation

  • Header & number manipulation
  • Codec translation & transrating
  • Overlap / en-block conversion

Advanced Features

  • Integrated SIP registrar & location Server
  • Integrated E-SBC feature set
  • ISDN supplementary services Conversion
  • Advice of Charge (AoC) generation
  • Full IP routing & firewall capabilities
  • Remote provisioning
  • VPN
  • SNMP

To Know More

Product Bundles

*astPG 30 PRI Gateway

30 PRI Gateway providers

Model – *astPG 30

E1 – 1

Concurrent Calls – 30

*astPG 60 PRI Gateway

60 PRI Gateway providers

Model – *astPG 60

E1 – 2

Concurrent Calls – 60

Working model of PRI Gateway

Fig : Architecture


Mr. Clint Slaunwhite EnviroSystem,Canada

astTECS allowed me to achieve a very noticeable improvement to our ability to conduct business and helped my recognition as a new manager to the company.

Mr. Clint Slaunwhite  EnviroSystem,Canada

Mr. Anand Mital CEO,

We at run our call centres on *astTECS servers – a customized product supplied and supported by *astTECS Bangalore. Around 10+ servers (up to Mar 2015) have been deployed

Mr. Anand Mital CEO, 

Mr. Anup Heggar, Director, Bookaprop Estate

“Your services have added immense value to our business. The support from your team has been wonderful. You are a trusted partner in our progress.”

Mr. Anup Heggar, Director, Bookaprop Estate (P) Ltd.

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