What is Truecaller’s Verified Business Caller ID ?

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID solution enables businesses to stand out from the crowd of unverified calls. A brand name, logo, call reason, category name, verified tick, and green badge ensures identity, trust, safety, and context to calls. Also, gives users the power to distinguish relevant calls ensuring improved control of the calling workflow for businesses.

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID Solution enables businesses to get brand protection from spammers and scammers.
*astTECS Outbound dialer with Truecaller for Business will help to enhance the call efficiency, better consumer engagement and will help manage your business get deeper insights on campaigns with detailed self serve analytics.

Why Truecaller’s Verified Business Caller ID ?

Increased Call Efficiency and Consumer Experience

With Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID, the customers can recognize the brand by customizing brand name, logo, call reason, category name, verified tick, and green badge that helps ensure identity, trust, safety, and adds context to calls. This helps Improve customer confidence by communicating even before your call is picked up. Thus help to boost customer satisfaction and call efficiency .

Make an Impression with Verified Calls

Truecaller’s Verified Business Caller ID, business can protect their brand from mishaps that take place due to lack of identity, misuse and fraudulent imposters. It also helps the customer to understand whether the call is genuine or not.

Brand Authenticity

With Customized business profile and brand logo business can avail a higher possibility of immediate attention from customers thus gaining your brand visibility and trust.

Business Analytics

Detailed insights of calling patterns, call pick up ratio, spam report and other analytics of the campaign for future action to improve call responses, reach and increase consumer efficiency.

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Key Features

Priority Caller ID for time-sensitive calls

Truecaller provides verified and priority Caller ID for time sensitive business and functions. This feature helps in reaching out to the consumer effectively. Green Caller ID signifies Verified business calls while Purple Caller ID signifies priority business calls that are important for end users.

Verified badges

Displaying verified badges and icons ensuring security and brand safety.

Brand Identification

With a detailed business profile, brand name and logo ensures the brand identification while restricting Truecaller users to edit the details ensure brand safety.

Display Call Reason

Let the customer know the reason for calling them

Works across all dialers

The solution works seamlessly across all networks and operating systems (Android, iOS etc) to display Caller ID to receivers.

Analytics Dashboards

Get in depth insights of listed numbers, call analytics, spam score, Call pick up rates (CPR) and the calling patterns to understand the brand’s campaign health and take necessary actions to improve the call efficiency.

*astTECS X Truecaller for Business

*astTECS with Truecaller will be providing enterprise business communication solution with:

  • Outbound Dialling
  • Dashboard and Analytics
  • Voice logger
  • Call Reporting
  • Call Quality Monitoring
  • Spam Score Management
  • Priority Badge
  • Self-serve Portal
  • Brand Identity Protection

Supported on Android

Supported on iOS


Display Screens for verified Business Caller ID

Five Distinct Visual Differentiator

Priority Caller ID

Call Analytics Dashboard

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Frequently ask question (FAQ)

Truecaller’ Verified Business Caller ID enhances the calling experience for users and businesses. It makes businesses more credible to users and protects brands from identity theft and phishing scams

Truecaller for Business allows enterprises to build trust among their customers and to help them in differentiating genuine calls from spam. This not only improves customer response rates but also boosts the Brand visibility.

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID works across is a device, network and OS [Android & iOS] agnostics solution and works seamlessly across all dialers.

Verified business calls have a green badge and can be identified with Brand name , brand logo and verified badge. Priority Caller ID indicates highly important calls for the end user and is time sensitive .
**** Truecaller holds the right to approve or disapprove a number for Priority Caller ID

  • Single Platform for all Customer Engagement Solutions
  • Built specially for the Enterprises and Call Center
  • 14+ years of Expertise in Customer Engagement
  • Available both Cloud and premise solution

It takes upto 48 business hours to activate for verified business Caller id after submitting the prerequisite documents.

To activate Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID and for pricing model, please contact our team at info@asttecs.com