Increase Real Estate Sales with Cloud Telephony Solution

Real estate is a sector where people will only make a final decision after seeing the product. Real estate decisions are not quick, customers will only take a decision after researching the property, builder, area, etc.

Furthermore, the real estate business also needs to engage with the leads generated through advertising and campaigns done. Customers today want to engage immediately with businesses as soon as they fill out their contact details and if companies fail to engage immediately then it is a lost lead. Real Estate companies need to implement a Cloud Telephony Solution for providing omnichannel experience to their customers.

Digital advertising is aggressively used by real estate developers to boost their online presence but then also in this industry phone calls are the primary point of contact for leads.

And, with the changing perspective of the buyer, real estate companies have to be on their toes to engage leads and customers as in this industry human interaction is essential.

Let’s take another scenario where customers contact the company,

For instance, the customer calls the company to inquire about price, region, EMI, and other details. In such a situation, if the real estate company misses the call, it will be lost lead gain. The potential customer will go on to make the next call and might get converted by the competitor company.

A real estate company receives a lot of calls every day and it is important to take every call. Even one call can cost a fortune in this business. It is important to manage business calls very efficiently. Cloud Telephony Solution helps real estate organizations ensure no lost leads by automating their call management system.

Zero Lead Loss:

There are two ways the customer can contact you:

  1. Reach out to you by the phone number listed:

    We have seen that this is the preferred way to get in touch with the business. When someone tries to reach you, it is important to always answer their call and route their call to the right person.

    There are some things you can do to ensure your customers get their calls answered in the less possible time. This average response time is a very important aspect of measuring businesses. An important function is to manage all the call tabs and details of how important calls are in communication.

  2. Allow them to fill their Contact Information on your Website:

    Here are some ways to keep your introductory look interesting.

    Click to Call – Having a click-to-call option on the website allows prospective customers and your agent to connect when they are in the process of making a decision. This is a simple and effective way to ensure that it is easy for the customer to reach you at the most important time.

    Dynamic Caller ID – The disadvantage of calling people on the information you have collected on your website is that most calls are not answered. Dynamic Caller ID is a way for you to improve the numbers your team is asked to receive at a maximum pickup rate.

Use technology to automate processes and improve customer experience:

Making life easier for the customer by automating the processes and also improve the customer experience.

CRM & ERP integration with Personal Customer Communication:

realestate crm integration with cloud telephony solution

An important feature that Cloud Telephony offers is CRM & ERP integration. Cloud Telephony software integrates easily with the company’s real estate CRM & ERP software. This helps an agent to get all the customer data in one place and get a 360-degree view of the caller.

If a customer has previously inquired about properties in different parts of the same city or given information about their budget, this information and records of each customer communication can be accessed in one place.

Integrating your business phone system with CRM & ERP ensures that your customers receive the most relevant and personalized communication, not just one size. Unless the communication is useful and relevant, it will be completely ignored depending on the number of SMS we receive from the brands.

The customers can also receive communication in accordance with the language that is most convenient for them. For example, you can give customers the option of their communication language using smart IVR Solutions and connect them with the right agent. Communication is vital in understanding customer needs and creating a better customer experience.

Cloud Telephony Integration with all Marketing Tools to Provide Personalized Experience to Customers:

sms and whatsapp intergration with cloud telephony solution for realestate industry

Real Estate Cloud Telephony Solution can be easily integrated with all the marketing tools like WhatsApp, and SMS. Integration with WhatsApp and SMS can provide a personalized experience to customers.

Cloud telephony solution with these marketing tools can help you provide the personalized experience to your customers. And, believe me, personalized interaction with customers on WhatsApp will keep them engaged and help you to sell faster..


Distribution Call Center:

If you are a big real estate developer operating all over the country, you can provide a better experience for your customers by running a distributed call center across the country, as it is able to give service in the most effective way for customers. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also easy to maintain.

Centralized Virtual Number:

It is important for real estate companies to have a centralized virtual number and IVR. A real estate company receives inquiries from various locations to buy/sell property in different geographical areas. There is no matter from which location inquiry comes, a centralized virtual number helps solve all of these questions. It helps to ensure that prospects return satisfied.

Route Calls to the Right Real Estate Agent:

When a customer calls on a virtual number, IVR routes the call to the appropriate agent, depending on customers need. It is important to connect the customer to an agent who can effectively communicate in the same language caller wants and agent should be aware of the property/ location caller is interested in.

For example, if a person is inquiring about a property in Bangalore, his call should be routed to an agent who specializes in this region.

Available 24 Hrs a Day:

IVR solution allows companies to be active 24*7.  Real estate agencies are more likely to receive inquiries even after office hours. In this case, IVR can route the calls to the right agent or guide the caller to leave the message in a voicemail. This helps the real estate agent to ensure that calls are never missed.

Transfer Direct Calls without Disconnecting:

Live Call transfer allows agents to transfer calls directly from their mobile phone to another agent without disconnecting the call. However, this feature helps the real estate companies to provide the best experience to its callers.

When it comes to investing in the real estate industry, people research and evaluate various properties, it is not possible for a single agent to provide detailed information about all of these.

Here, Live Call transfer comes to the rescue because it allows one agent to transfer calls to another agent based on different inquiries from the same customer. This means that a prospect can clarify all his questions by calling only one number at a time.

Cloud Telephony Solution will help the real estate sector to scale up the business and improve customer experience.

More ROI through Ad Spends:

Advertising is the most important way to acquire customers. However, it is also important to understand what kind of advertising works best and on which medium. This means tracking all your advertising performance and optimizing the results by investing more in what works.

It’s easy to monitor ad performance when it comes to digital advertising campaigns, how do you understand which of your other ad streams are better? One way is to use unique virtual numbers in each of your advertising campaigns, and depending on the number of calls and leads you receive, you can select the front-runner.

Why Companies are not able to achieve more Productivity with Traditional Communication Methods:

  • Hardware and software integration takes longer wait
  • Data security is a big problem
  • Communication has not improved with business development
  • Setup time is high

The reasons for the success of cloud telephony are ease in operations and affordability. Gone are the days of face-to-face interactions with real estate brokers as everything is becoming digital. It is high time that companies accept the new change.

Seeing the current situation and trend, cloud telephony has many advantages over an on-premise solution. And the cloud telephony is winning over on-premise solutions due to ease in scalability. Real Estate companies can reach out to cloud telephony solution providers for expert advice.

If you still have doubts about implementing a cloud solution, then comment below or contact us.