Cloud Telephony is a technology in which business phone systems are moved to the cloud. In other words, PBX Systems are hosted in the cloud or data centers. Now, all the business calls are handled through a hosted system rather than on-premise PBX Systems.

Cloud Solutions give flexibility and reliability to business owners, these solutions are also cost-effective. Cloud telephony solutions are scalable and give access to unified business communication to startups, enterprises, and businesses so that they can provide satisfactory customer service to their customers without any extra costing.

Cloud PBX Telephony Benefits:

  • Lightning Setup Solution:

Cloud solutions are easy to set up as it can be installed remotely without the hustle of any on-premise equipment installation or engineer visiting the location. It doesn’t require additional hardware or licenses.

  • No Additional Infrastructure Required when your Business Grows:

As your business grows, the requirement to scale up your business communication system also grows. With cloud solutions, you can easily add or remove users, virtual numbers. No need to worry about infrastructure investment while growing your business.

  • Secured Data:

Customer data is fully secured and backed up in real-time on the cloud.

  • Custom Integration:

*astTECS Cloud Solution can be easily integrated with popular CRM’s and solutions across the industry. It can also be integrated with the world’s most popular communication platforms such as Whatsapp, Email, SMS, etc.

  • Whatsapp Integration:

astTECS Cloud Solution can be integrated with your WhatsApp business account to create WhatsApp bot which can serve as an automated chat option for you. It also brings a lot of benefits for your business such as customers love to connect on WhatsApp as it is the most popular communication channel. Secondly, it is the platform where your customers are always active.

Voicemail and bulk SMS marketing are important business tools for businesses and marketing professionals.

  • Reporting:

Reporting is always an advantage with business communication telephony systems. You get real-time reports for all the communications.

astTECS Cloud call center provides customized screens according to your business needs, we can easily add custom fields, dropdowns, scripts, and actions. Reports can also be customized using additional columns, aggregates, and ranges.

  • Cost-Effective:

Setting up cloud telephony only requires a laptop, desktop, or mobile with a stable internet connection. Business Cloud System can be set up easily with asttecs zero infrastructure mobile call center.

  • No CAPEX:

The best part about cloud service is that it doesn’t have any upfront payment and it works on the pay-as-you-go model.


  1. Outbound Features:

Cloud Solution provides a lot of outbound call center software features which helps in running different campaigns such as sales campaigns, lead generation campaigns, debt collection campaigns, surveys & market research.

Features such as predictive dialing, progressive dialing, manual dialing, voice blasting, filter-based calling and call back scheduling & reminders help cloud call centers to run outbound campaigns efficiently.

        2. Inbound Features:

Inbound campaigns such as appointment booking & customer service can be easily executed using cloud call center features such as automatic call distribution, Multi-level IVR, skill-based routing, missed call alert, and, customized call queues.

Why *astTECS?

  • Cutting Edge Telecom Products & Solution:

Best in class solutions and products with the latest and updated technologies.

  • Easily Scalable Solutions:

Easily scalable and flexible solution which allows businesses to expand without being stressed about infrastructure.

  • Real-time Reporting:

Real-time reports can be easily viewed and downloaded using a custom build analytical dashboards. Reports are easy to understand, and help business owners to take faster decisions.

  • 24/7 Support:

Our technical support team is always available to answer all your queries and solve technical issues. We have the best in class 24/7 global support providing best in class support.

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