Zoho CRM with Asterisk based Call Center Solution

Convert Your Customer Support Team into Selling Machine

How great would it be if your customer support team becomes an upselling and cross-selling machine?

Now Question is,

Is it possible to convert customers calling for customer support?

Yes, it is possible to upsell to customers with sales training and using the right solution.

It is not complicated to have the right solution, you just need to integrate ZOHO CRM with your Asterisk based Call Center Dialer.

Now question is,

How to integrate Asterisk Call Center Solution with Zoho CRM:

Asterisk based call center dialer solutions can be easily integrated with most popular CRM’s around such as ZOHO CRM, Vtiger CRM, Sugar CRM, etc.

Here, in this blog, we will talk about ZOHO CRM integration with Asterisk based call center solution

What does this integration mean for your business?

Whenever there is an inbound call, outbound, or missed call, that lead will be automatically fed into the CRM.

Once the Asterisk-based call center dialer is integrated with ZOHO CRM, agents can receive inbound calls or make outbound calls directly on the ZOHO CRM dashboard.

zoho integration with asterisk call center solution

Highlights of Asterisk-based Call Center Solution + ZOHO CRM:

  • Single Platform for Everything:

    Asterisk based call center software allows agents to manage leads and do all the calling operations like calling and terminating the call from the same dashboard. It is extremely easy for agents to work on the ZOHO interface with the help of Asterisk-based call center software. It also rules out the possibilities of error while toggling between different tabs for lead registration and calling, hence it provides an error-free seamless and smooth experience to agents.

  • Call Tracking is Easy:

    Asterisk based call center solution comes with a bunch of features such as call recording, call conferencing, mute and all these features can be accessed with just a single click. On top of that, agents also get call back and call scheduling options. Agents also get the notification for call reminders at the scheduled time, outgoing and incoming call popup.

    Agents can also dispose of call descriptions on the same ZOHO CRM dashboard and write notes regarding the call.

  • Customized dashboards & reports to pace up the Work:

    Dashboards are designed to keep the agent experience in mind and reports are customized to improve the agent’s productivity. Reports provide data on call statistics like success rate, drop rate, and other agents based reports are also generated like call timing, agents call duration. All the reports can be seen on a single dashboard. Dashboards can also be customized according to business requirements.

  • Click to Call Feature:

    Click To Call Feature is a unique feature that Asterisk based call center software provides. Using this feature agents can start the call just by clicking the single button on the ZOHO dashboard. This feature can help you in saving costs on outbound calling.

  • Missed Call Notification:

    What if a call from potential lead lands to your call center and that is missed by your agent? Would you like to miss a potential lead like this? With Asterisk-based call center software, you don’t need to worry about missing on such potential leads as inbound calls have more converting potential. Agents will receive the notification of missed calls on the dashboard so that none of the lead is missed.

  • Pop Up Notification:

    Agents mostly tend to miss out on calls sometimes and other important notifications. Asterisk based call center and ZOHO CRM interface have an option for pop up from where all the attended calls and missed calls can be added automatically to the CRM.

    This feature ensures that agents don’t miss out on even a single lead due to excess work on their heads. They can always check their CRM and retarget missed leads to get maximum output.


The mix of call center dialer software and data management tool brings in perfect opportunities for call center stakeholders as it provides a seamless experience for the agents. *astTECS provides support for ZOHO CRM Integration which will help to increase the effectiveness of call center operations.

To know more on *astTECS services on Zoho CRM integration, mail us at sales@asttecs.com