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Generate leads without Call Center Agent

Lead Generation Without Call Center Agent: Without leads surviving in business is assuredly difficult. If you are not generating qualified leads for your business then it is going to be a serious problem for you. Lead generation campaigns are the way to generate quality leads and every organization [...]

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Human receptionist to machine receptionist – never miss the call

Human Receptionist to Machine Receptionist – Never miss the Call The Business year was about to start well and in less than a month, the entire world has been turned upside down! People are at home and few businesses have closed their doors (hopefully not forever). According [...]

How to use existing Call Center Dialer for Work from Home

How to use existing Call Center Dialer for Work from Home Your business is likely familiar with an on-premise call center and cloud call center. Both types of models have their perks and cons. But with the corona pandemic at hand, businesses are shifting their business communication operations [...]

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How to Choose a Right Call Center Dialer for your Business?

Call Center Dialer: A need to get your customer service right Customer Service or Customer Satisfaction. Is it just another fancy buzzword you should use in a business meeting to sound smart or is it the real deal? Maybe a better question is: How to get customer service right [...]

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AI/ML in Enterprise PBX/Call Center

AI/ML in Enterprise PBX/Call Center Drastic advances in AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) technology combined with the emergence of specialised hardware to improve processing times has resulted in widespread application of AI/ML in all spheres of business from intelligent analysis to decision making. Parallelly, automized, smart communication is becoming [...]

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