ZOHO crm integration with asterisk based telephony

Zoho Integration with Asterisk based Telephony

Integration of Zoho with Asterisk based telephony platform provides you more information and more options for each call you make or receive in one platform thus improves efficiency of your phone communication. All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded and can be used for future reference and analysis.


  • Click to call

    With a single click from the platform Zoho users can now connect directly to the customers/leads.

  • Incoming call pop up

    All incoming calls arriving to the users extension will be shown as a pop up on the Zoho page with the details of the incoming call.

  • Outbound call pop up

    Calls made from the Zoho platform will have a pop up showing the details of the outgoing call made.

  • Call logs

    Inbound/Outbound calls made will be logged into the Zoho platform under the respective lead/contact. This would include data points such as call duration, call disposition.

  • Call recording

    Recording of calls made will be available on Zoho under the lead/contact of the call.

  • Missed call

    Incoming calls that are missed by the Zoho users can now be recorded as a missed call to be called back later.

  • Unattended calls

    Calls missed by the lead(Outgoing calls) can be flagged as unattended calls within the platform.

  • Custom User mapping GUI

    GUI to map Zoho users to the respective extensions will be provided to allow platform users to add or delete PhoneBridge permissions from users within the organisation.


Dieter Photo-


Feb 8, 2022

The communication to coordinate the scope of services and to clarify the commercial aspects was very good and efficient. The integration solution was implemented quickly and corresponded to the agreed scope of services. We are very satisfied with the cooperation.

Dieter Fiegert, Fraport SkyLiners, Germany

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