Lead Generation Without Call Center Agent:

Without leads surviving in business is assuredly difficult.

If you are not generating qualified leads for your business then it is going to be a serious problem for you.

Lead generation campaigns are the way to generate quality leads and every organization adopts different strategies to generate leads.

Some of the common practices of generating leads are,

  • Outbound cold calling using Call Center Solution
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC Campaigns and many more…

Above mentioned solutions either require infrastructure and investment or consistent efforts to optimize the campaigns or creating content.

For instance, the most effective solution to generate leads is still Call Center solution but it requires hiring agents and that requires investment. Most of the business owners have the misconception that call center solutions require agents to function.

Yeah, that’s true but not 100%.

There are some call center features that don’t require agents and can be used very effectively to generate qualified leads.

Some of the features require no agents are:-

Voice Broadcasting:

voice broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is an advanced call center solution feature that sends out automated voice calls to the database fed in the software.

You must have received calls from political parties saying vote our party before elections and before any important webinar also you must have received a reminder. These calls might have left you amazed, this automated reminder calls are called voice broadcasting.

Voice broadcast is an ideal solution for lead generation, event promotion, delivery confirmations, etc. Personalized calling features make it more effective for companies to generate qualified leads.

Here are benefits of Voice Broadcasting Solution:

  • Audience Reach: Voice broadcasting is a great tool to send your message to a large audience with just one click and help to generate leads and increase your brand visibility.
  • Easy to use: It is easy to use and saves time as it does not require to make multiple calls to reach out to the customers.
  • Run Multiple Campaigns: You can run multiple campaigns like new product announcements, product offers, and discounts.
  • Cost-Effective: You can create the campaign and send it to the target audience at minimum cost with maximum results.
  • CRM Integration: You can integrate with your CRM and send the messages to the target audience from CRM directly.
  • Reports: All the detailed reports of the campaign can be generated like how many responses, how many heard the message, duration of call pick up, and so on. These reports will help to analyze and take decisions accordingly to improve the campaign.

WhatsApp Messages:

whatsapp message integration

There are more than five million businesses using WhatsApp Business – Oberlo

This stat is enough to tell you that what businesses can do using WhatsApp business.

Whatsapp business can be integrated with call center dialer to generate leads. As we know customers buy emotions, not products, and emotions are triggered using personal pitch to the customers.

Whatsapp is a great tool to engage your leads using personalized messages and call center dialer can be integrated with WhatsApp so that the process of sending messages, followups can be automated. WhatsApp is integrated for providing customer support and alert notification, but this can convert support into opportunities for sales.

SMS Integration:

lead generation without call center agent

SMS are dead, this statement is contradicted by this stat. 90% of SMS are opened in less than 3 minutes, This is the reason SMS still works and companies are doing it effectively.

SMS integration helps the organization to increase customer engagement which in turn can create new opportunities for sales. Through SMS integration the company can reach target audiences for marketing promotion, payment reminders, alert notification, and so on in no time.



These three above mentioned call center features to generate leads can be really cost-effective and eliminate human intervention. Personalized voice calls and WhatsApp messages can also enhance the customer experience.

However, to generate qualified leads, we need to have a definite plan like what is your objective, who is your target audience, what is the message, better if it is the personalized message and the best time to send the messages. Also, we must ensure to adhere to the laws and regulations and not to violate them, so that it does not have a negative impact on the brand and organization.

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