Human Receptionist to Machine Receptionist – Never miss the Call

The Business year was about to start well and in less than a month, the entire world has been turned upside down! People are at home and few businesses have closed their doors (hopefully not forever). According to a survey completed by NFIB, 76% of MSMEs across the country will face the coronavirus pandemic impact. Such a major disruption, there is one thing every business owner needs to be control of i.e. – Communications and stay connected. Over my decades of working in the communication space, effective communication during a crisis is surely CRITICAL. The Profound is how to be at least engaged with our customers and never miss their business calls? Offering 24 hours receptionist means; someone will always be there for our customer calls to answer their queries – whether they are calling late at night, after office hours, or on weekends and holidays. Eventually, it leads to a higher salary, more training expenses, holiday pays, office space, office supplies, utility costs, and, importantly; still not able to work 24 hours. We at astTECS Communications would like to share some cost-effective tips that SMEs can utilize to have communication continuity with their customers. We go beyond the conventional receptionist answering and providing you an IP PBX which is more flexible round the clock customer servicing. We make sure; your customer queries will always be attended round the clock,24/7.

Missing a call is something businesses can’t afford to do – WHY? When a potential customer isn’t able to get through to your line, he or she may get un-happy and eventually move on to your competitor, who will be more than happy to take their call. If this happens repeatedly, your business may develop a reputation for being unavailable, which could discourage other future customers and therefore affect your bottom line in the long run.

So how can you make sure you never miss a Business Call?

We guide you to build an IP PBX system and shift business communications. This low-cost IP PBX carries a range of features that can benefit you avoid missing any important business calls. Implementation of an IP PBX was previously available to only corporate giants offered by a set of proprietary telecom firms for high cost, but now much advanced and flexible IP branch exchange/calling solutions available to help all size of businesses to stay connected and to ensure no calls go unanswered at an effective cost.

Let us have a look on features available in IP PBX for the Solutions:

Follow Me / Find Me:

Most business managers and their teams usually miss important calls when they are out of the office. One way to avoid this is by activating the Find Me/Follow Me feature in IP PBX. This feature route calls to a list of numbers, ringing in sequence to essentially “find” us. For example, we can set our office phone to ring for 10 seconds, then ring our mobile phone if there’s no answer, and then eventually the call will go to voicemail if there’s still no answer as so on. This is an excellent feature that helps us to stay connected at all times with clients, even when we’re away from the desk or working from home.


Parallel Ringing:

Another great feature in IP PBX is a simultaneous ring or Parallel ring. When we turn this feature on, all incoming calls will be directed to our phone numbers (such as your office phone, cell phone, or home phone) at the same time. We have enabled this recently for one of the clients in North India to ring up to five different numbers and devices at the same time and offer easiness to attend the call of any devices available near to the team. This is particularly useful when we are on the go or not near to desk phone or meeting rooms.


Call Group/ Group Calling:

group callling

Call Group feature in IP PBX is highly beneficial for the company that has employees with a similar role or function (such as sales, technical support, or customer service teams). Call Group is a service that directs all incoming calls to a specific list of extensions or in a group that could ring either simultaneously or in sequence. With all extensions receiving the same call, you can be confident that an important call will never be missed. Nevertheless, in the event that none of the members within the group are available to receive the call, a voicemail can be assigned to take a message.


Human Receptionist to Machine Receptionist – Never miss the Call

Auto answered is another great feature in IP PBX which can be added. When you can’t answer a call yourself or don’t have a receptionist to manage calls, Auto-Attendant can prove to be very handy. Also known as a Machine/Virtual receptionist, it’s a useful and cost-effective feature that automates the incoming call process. The Auto-Attendant IVR (Interactive Voice response) guides callers to the appropriate extension or department by giving options (ex: for sales, press 1, for customer service, press 2, etc…/ for Hindi, press 1, for English, press 2, etc..). Aside from this, the board number can also be customized to play messages or greetings for business hours, after hours, and holidays. Like thank you for calling us, we work from morning 9 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. and the concerned member will reach you back tomorrow start of the shift.


Technology went best and cheaper, there’s no longer an excuse as to why we should miss an important business call. By adding all these VoIP features at no extra cost, all your business calls will be answered and never missed important calls, thus keeping our customers happy and business healthy.

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