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How to reduce corporate telephone bills?

How to reduce corporate telephone bills? If you are dealing with high business telephone bills, you are not alone. I talk to many business owners daily, and the most asked questions by them are how I can reduce my office or call centre phone system bill. I am no [...]

Cloud Based Voice Logger

Cloud Based Voice Logger Small businesses have always been reluctant in adopting new business communication tools and technologies. Some of the most common tools are IP PBX, Voice Logger, and GSM Gateways, etc. There can be several reasons behind it, but the common ones are what we have [...]

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Why Open source IP PBX?

Why Open source IP PBX? The verdict is in. Limited business reach, fewer calls privacy, higher business cost, missing call center analytics, limited data security, no customization are some of the challenges when it comes to the adoption of business communication equipment such as IP PBX. IP PBX [...]

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On-Premise Vs Cloud Call Center: Which one is better ?

On-Premise Vs Cloud Call Center: Which one is better? There are two types of call center software available On-Premise Call Center and Cloud Call Center. Call Centers alone can solve many challenges for businesses, leaving you free to work on other operations. However, choosing the type of call [...]

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Work from home with a Cloud-Based Solution

Work From Home with a Cloud-Based Solution Coronavirus lockdown has caused businesses around the world to close their doors and work from home. In such a scenario, it is really impossible to display calls on a landline set up in the office premises. To overcome this situation cloud [...]

Port / Use the existing business number to cloud

Port / Use the Existing Business Number to Cloud Work from Home was just a thought for many companies, but today its reality. Most business operations are hard hit by COVID-19 and the contact center industry is also being affected badly. Contact Centers are forced to shift their [...]

Zoho CRM with Asterisk based Call Center Solution

Zoho CRM with Asterisk based Call Center Solution Convert Your Customer Support Team into Selling Machine How great would it be if your customer support team becomes an upselling and cross-selling machine? Now Question is, Is it possible to convert customers calling for customer support? Yes, it is [...]

Human receptionist to machine receptionist – never miss the call

Human Receptionist to Machine Receptionist – Never miss the Call The Business year was about to start well and in less than a month, the entire world has been turned upside down! People are at home and few businesses have closed their doors (hopefully not forever). According to [...]

7 Reasons to adopt Open Source Technology in 2020

7 Reasons To Adopt Open Source Technology In 2020 The debate whether the companies should adopt the Open Source or Proprietary products continues. For many businesses, it may not be easy to reach the right “product“ decision, even though it could be making a huge difference in their [...]

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