Call Center Solution

Call Centre Solutions are essential and an imminent necessity for most businesses that operate in a global environment. To survive in any business, customer satisfaction is the key and call center solutions from *astTECS help in achieving the highest levels in customer care and support. This suite of applications provides cost effective operations management with enhanced features that include CRM integration, an integrated solution for both inbound and outbound calls and voice logger capabilities in a single integrated package.

Types of Call Center Solutions

Domestic and International are the two types of call center solutions provided by *astTECS wherein the former caters to inbound and outbound calls from within the country while the latter caters to calls from across countries.


This suite of applications encompasses a wide range of features from GSM to PRI integration.

  • Vicidial is an integrated solution that operates for both inbound and outbound calls. It has been designed to interact with the IP PBX systems powered by the Asterisk platform.
  • GSM Integration – Integration to GSM gateways offers a much more economic operation than using fixed lines.
  • PRI Integration – PRI is a part of the ISDN standard that supports a large number of communication channels for large organisations.
  • V Logger or the Voice Logger – a call monitoring and recording software that is used for multi channel digital voice logging.
  • In built Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to capture and analyze the data from various customer interactions to provide a smooth and unique user experience.
  • A2Billing – a prepaid calling platform that provides wholesale VoIP services and customer management with user, admin, agent login pages and call billing services in real time.

Highlights of the suite

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – Handles the routing of calls to free agents as and when calls are inbound
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Handles simple requests in an automated manner and passes on the information captured to the agent in the background.
  • CRM Integration – Helps in capturing and analyzing the customer data during the calls and also serves in bringing up customer information to the agents handling the call
  • SMS Integration – Facilitates tracking of requests from customers
  • Live/Current agent monitoring – Aids the supervisors in monitoring agent calls for quality and training purposes
  • Report and Campaign Statistics – Report generation for analyzing the captured data and to arrive at the impact of the campaign.

Other significant highlights include the following:

  • Voice Logger
  • Voice Blasting
  • Hosted Dialer Solution

Range of Products

The Call center dialer has a variety of products supporting 5 agents to around 100 agents and is listed below.

  • *ast c5 – Up to 5 agents
  • *ast c10 – Up to 10 agents
  • *ast c30 – Up to 30 agents
  • *ast c60 – Up to 60 agents
  • *ast c100 – Up to 100 agents

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