Port / Use the Existing Business Number to Cloud

Work from Home was just a thought for many companies, but today its reality. Most business operations are hard hit by COVID-19 and the contact center industry is also being affected badly. Contact Centers are forced to shift their operations to the cloud and they are also facing challenges while shifting the operations to the cloud.

Businesses are facing multiple challenges while shifting their contact center’s operations to the cloud. One of the most common questions we come across while talking to contact center owners is “Do we need to change our business phone number while shifting the solution to cloud ?” “Can we keep the same business phone number even after migrating the business phone system?”.

We have come up with a detailed explanation and here is the quick guide on how you can keep the same business phone number while moving your contact centers to the cloud.

Now, Question is:

How can we keep the existing phone number while migrating the contact center solutions to the cloud?

There are two solutions available which will help you keep the same business phone number

  • Hybrid Cloud Solution
  • Number Porting

Hybrid Cloud Solution:

What is a Hybrid Cloud Solution?

Hybrid cloud solution, as the name signifies, a hybrid cloud solution is the combination of both types of business communication solution i.e. cloud solution as well as an on-premise solution. In simpler words, implementing a hybrid solution contact centers can enjoy the benefits of cloud solutions as well as keep using the premise-based trunk lines.

Hybrid solution acts as a stepping stone between traditional contact centers i.e. ISDN based PBX systems and Cloud-based PBX. After implementing the hybrid solution, you can also migrate to a cloud solution or keep using the premise-based solution.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Solution:

  • You can keep using the same phone number:
    The Hybrid system is the mix of a cloud solution and an on-premise solution. This blend of ISDN line connections and VOIP based PBX system gives you the flexibility to make and receive calls using SIP Lines, Digital Lines, & Analogue Lines.
    As this solution is compatible with both types of contact centers so it lets businesses use the same phone number even after migrating to the cloud.
  • Reduced Expenses:
    Hybrid phone systems allow the partial migration of the systems according to the requirement. Business owners don’t have to pay for full-scale migration straight away.
    Another benefit is the flexibility provided by the hybrid system in managing the operation, as it gives the options to use ISDN, SIP as well as VOIP phone lines. Thus, communication costs can be managed accordingly.
  • Scalable Solution:
    Hybrid Solution is easily scalable, unlike traditional solutions. As new devices can be connected easily without buying any new equipment.
  • Allows Work From Home:
    Hybrid solutions can be easily used by companies opting for work from home as it operates on the cloud as well. Solution for work from home can be easily set up within a few minutes, and adding new agents also doesn’t require any extra effort.

Porting the Number to Cloud:

While migrating the solution to the cloud, you can also transfer your business phone number to the cloud solution provider. Number porting will allow you to use the same business phone number which you are using with on-premise solution. If you are changing your cloud service provider then also you can port your number easily and keep using the same number with new vendors also.

Benefits of Porting the Number

  • Even after shifting your operation, customers can call you on the same number. No extra effort is required on your end.
  • The same number can be used when switching from fixed landline phones to virtual phone numbers.
  • No need to change or add your number to websites, marketing materials, and advertisements.

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