Work From Home with a Cloud-Based Solution

Coronavirus lockdown has caused businesses around the world to close their doors and work from home. In such a scenario, it is really impossible to display calls on a landline set up in the office premises. To overcome this situation cloud phone systems play an important role.

The integrated cloud phone system is exceptionally suited to complete the needs of any organization. With the Cloud Phone System, you can direct all your business calls from the landline to the mobile phones of your support department, empowering them to work from home and run your business effectively.

By transferring to cloud systems, your organization achieves a flexible and cost-effective solution. The cloud system allows easily adaptable staff by allowing them to connect multiple phone lines without maintenance or technical staff.

Employees get a lot of flexibility by taking business phones and numbers, and IT specialists get complete management visibility and complete control over the remote worker’s phone services. All comprehensive billing removes extra landline charges, while VoIP decreases the cost of long-distance calls.

Let’s discuss some points, on how you can do effective Remote working with a Cloud Phone System:

  1. Ensure safety with social distance:

    In the COVID-19 scenario, protecting ourselves and society from coronaviruses is a priority for all of us. From our side, we can all help to slow down corona expansion by practicing social disturbances and doing all that is possible at home.

    With the cloud phone system, you don’t have to let your employees go to your office desk to reply to the calls. All your employees can reply to calls on their mobile phones from the comfort and security of their homes.

  2. Share the same phone system between remote workers and office employees:

    Moving your business to the cloud permits you to effortlessly deliver special featured business desk phones to those working in remote or home offices. Audio conferencing and video web conferences to ensure that remote workers connect with colleagues and vice versa in team meetings.

    The ability to quickly set up audio conferences or web conferences means your employees can collaborate and work with the right team members at the right time and which is helping you take a better decision. These phones rapidly incorporate with voicemail and other vital components of the business phone system. Mainly onsite workers can also use their special featured VoIP Desk Phone for home office work or similar features from their mobile device through the use of a mobile app.

    When employees are calling from their mobile or home lines it ensures confidentiality, employees do not have to call customers and customers again using their personal numbers.

  3. Deliver Mobility and Flexibility:

    Cloud Phone Systems provide greater mobility and flexibility. Office and remote workers use similar special features of a modern business phone system – irrespective of their physical location. When workers leave their remote offices, the mobile app permits them to join on a corporate phone system.

  4. Decrease the Costs and Simplify billing Management:

    Cloud Phone Systems decrease the fees for long-distance phone calls and remove separate landlines. It also offers a monthly invoice that includes lines for all your office staff, including remote workers. It’s a simple billing process that not only frees your employees from making expense reports, but also removes the necessity for managers and corporate accounting to approve multiple phone bills.

  5. Increase Control and Feasibility:

    Security is a major concern in the telecom sector and it is important for the company’s because it affects work efficiency. In IT sector, Cloud based Solutions give you more control over system security and also auditing and compliance requirements such as call-logging.

    The full features provided by the Cloud Phone system allow managers to monitor or track employee performance and assess the efficiency of remote workers and telephone sales representatives.

  6. Flexible Staffing:

    Most IT professionals now consider themselves responsible for supporting some amount of employees who spend all or a few of their time in the virtual office. With a Cloud Phone system, you can easily set up remote locations to support faster or rapid growth, or see a seasonal spike in business.

    You can also use remote workers to help customers or colleagues. The support team can take benefit of special features such as call forwarding, which directs calls to their mobile devices when they leave their main locations – so they never miss any call, even while on the go.

    These features boost businesses to include remote workers as office employees, giving IT full control over the phone services of remote workers.

    As the workforce continues to grow, IT professionals are struggling to support the fast-growing virtual workforce. A cloud-based business phone system offers direct connectivity for workers outside of their main locations.

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