Cloud Based Voice Logger

Small businesses have always been reluctant in adopting new business communication tools and technologies. Some of the most common tools are IP PBX, Voice Logger, and GSM Gateways, etc.

There can be several reasons behind it, but the common ones are what we have found based on our discussion with thousands of our clients and prospects over the years are cost and infrastructure.

The solution to these problems is installing affordable cloud-based communication solutions, doesn’t require infrastructure and the best part is most of these solutions work on subscription models.

Lack of proper communication with your customers and clients can impact your business operations. Agents talking to clients as a brand without appropriate monitoring and training can negatively affect your brand image because customer support agents are the face of your brands. If appropriately used, effective communication with clients can be both a relationship-building and profit-building tool.

This is the reason companies are considering cloud-based voice loggers for call recording to monitor their agents and train them.

Given the above context, in this post, you will get to know what is cloud-based voice logger, the benefits of using hosted solutions and why you should consider cloud voice logger over traditional call recording systems.

What do you mean by Cloud Voice Logger?

Enterprise Voice Recording Solutions for Call Centers, Business

Cloud Voice Logger is a hosted service used for call recording (VoIP phone recording)  which can be later used for training, dispute resolution, and quality assurance purposes.

Now let’s review the differences between cloud voice logger instead of on-premise voice loggers.

Difference between Cloud and On-Premise Voice Loggers:

Initial Setup Cost:

In the case of an on-premises call recording device, upfront purchasing is involved. It includes purchasing the hardware, servers, and infrastructure cost, and licensing cost. These systems are also required to be updated every few years.

In a cloud system, there is no requirement for hardware or infrastructure. Cloud voice loggers are updated by their vendors whenever required. These systems mostly work on a subscription model or pay as you use models.

Overall hosted call recording devices are easy for your IT department, and they save a considerable cost as there is no capital expenditure involved.

Empowering Businesses to be more efficient:

When one of our prospective clients was asked why he wanted to switch his call recording device to the cloud, he said “Our current device (on-premise) is working perfectly fine, and we don’t have any issue using it, but it is aging badly. The system is not interconnected to work with fast-paced mobile technology and in a data-dependent world. And, the customization used to be the strong point, but now it seems to be a double-edged sword, as customization in an on-premise system takes time, and it’s costly.

This is the reason why businesses are preferring to switch their operations to the cloud. Cloud Voice logger allows users to access the information from anywhere and whenever they want. This allows senior leadership to monitor the agent’s performance faster.

Enable Remote Work Culture:

Cloud Voice loggers allow you to run your business communication operations anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to worry about call recording with this solution as records all the inbound and outbound calls automatically.

All the calls are recorded in MP3 format or GSM format, and the dashboard is equipped with a search bar, which helps you search the call records smoothly. The dashboard allows you to play, pause, replay, and push the recording with just one touch.

Security is No Longer a Concern in Cloud Solutions:

“Cloud is not secure, let’s go with an on-premise solution” We often listen to this, but this is no longer true.

Today, on-premise systems are more vulnerable to attacks due to human error and malicious practices, and even the security updates in on-premise systems are costly and time-consuming.

Cloud systems are secured as these are updated regularly by service providers to ensure data security. All the recordings saved on the cloud servers are encrypted for security reasons, and only authorized people have access to the data.

Benefits of Voice Logger:

Improved Quality:

The call recording feature allows managers to listen to the voice recordings and then provide feedback on the same on how agents can improve integrations on the call. Managers can also analyze the other factors such as whether the agents are following the company guideline while talking or not

Resolve Issues Quickly:

If an issue is escalated to the managers, then they can refer to recording to get the context of the previous conversations to resolve the issue. Managers can also take up the case immediately to avoid further escalations.

Avoid Data Errors:

We, humans, have a tendency to make errors, forget things, and sometimes not to be able to take proper notes in a fast-paced conversation. Sometimes, not appropriate notes, data errors can prove to be costly and lead to problems. In such cases, call recording always helps, and we can go back, check the recording, and make proper notes, correct the data if entered incorrectly, etc.

Agents Training:

Whenever you call on any customer service, there is a message played “Your call can be recorded for the training and quality purpose”.

Call recording is done using the voice logger system, and it is later used for training purposes or for monitoring the agent’s performance.

Companies today spend a lot on employee training so that employees can be productive and deliver up to expectations in the long run. Companies can use top-performing agents to train others or can refer to important escalation cases to train new agents.

Performance Management:

Employee Performance management is essential for every organization to stay effective and productive. Cloud voice loggers allow managers to view the daily and live performance reports of the agents. Managers can see the call timings, no.of hours on call, ideal hours, or for how much time the call was on hold.

Call recording helps managers to understand the issues agents are facing and take action accordingly.

Real-time data, anywhere in the data:

In a recent survey by CFO Research, 41% of managers who took the survey said their management teams could not access the data when they need it.

The reason behind this problem is businesses are still using the old legacy software and systems functioning with outdated technology.

Cloud Voice loggers deliver insights, reports, and other important performance metrics in real-time, and the best part is you can access this data from anywhere in the world. All the information you need is a single click away.

Easily Update the System to Comply with Compliances:

Government regulations are stringent on call recording and monitoring. You have to follow government regulations and adhere to them to manage your call center smoothly. The government regularly brings in new rules related to the telecom sector, and you have to update your systems according to those rules.

On-premise call center solutions updating the system, again and again, is a tiresome task, and everyone can’t afford it. In the case of hosted violence loggers, service providers (link to product page) update the system automatically from the backend.

The Way Forward:

Cloud Voice loggers have many advantages over traditional on-premise call recording systems. With the future rolling toward work from home or work from anywhere culture, companies will surely need solutions that are easily accessible by their employees.

With *astTECS cloud voice logger, you can manage your call center operation smoothly. Our in-house team is available to support you 24*7 for any technical requirements.   For any further queries contact us or comment below.