How to reduce corporate telephone bills?

If you are dealing with high business telephone bills, you are not alone.

I talk to many business owners daily, and the most asked questions by them are how I can reduce my office or call centre phone system bill.

I am no mind reader but can bet that most businesses and call centres struggle to reduce business telephone bills, and reducing business communication bills has been the top priority for them.

We will walk through a few strategies for reducing the business telephone bills.

Implementing Corporate IP PBX

Implementing an IP PBX can reduce your business phone system bills by managing your communication operations effectively. IP PBX is flexible enough to allow business owners to set their own rules. For example, you can restrict international calling to avoid high costs. It also allows you to quickly transfer calls within the department or company, reducing the call drop rate.

IP PBX has capabilities of handling the inbound and outbound calls in a queue that helps in better management of call traffic, and calls can be distributed to relevant departments or the people using IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology that will reduce the call churn and the response rate.

Connecting multiple office locations with the same phone system brings in the maximum savings for the businesses. Distributed office setup will ease the process of internal communication between different office locations and will eliminate the costs of internal communication as calls within the office and different branches can be made easily using the PBX phone system. Other IP PBX benefits that improve customer experience and increase communication effectiveness are custom greetings, easy integration with productivity tools, video and audio conferencing, and smartphone with wi-fi client.

Analyzing Call Detail Report (CDR)

Analytics, data, and insights are core parts of any data-driven organization. With proper reporting, you can analyze every metric important for your business and you to make decisions.

Analyzing call detail reports helps business owners to reach the right decision as it gives all the detailed logs about agents’ phone activity. And, these detailed reports give managers the birds-eye view on employees activities, keep track of them and how they are utilizing the working hours.

Metrics such as call volume, call source, conversation duration, first-time callers, previous interaction – with so many essential and vital metrics to analyze its important metrics to observe for making decisions for smooth operations and increasing revenue.

Here, we outline effective ways how call accounting solutions can benefit you in saving cost on business telephone system bills and boosting revenue.

Traffic Analytics Report:

A report breaks down the call traffic by no. of calls, the busiest hour of the day, and trunk usage. These reports help you identify the use of trunks during active hours and gives you a clear view of no. of trunks required to handle the busy hours of the day.

Using GSM Gateway for domestic calling

GSM gateways are a useful tool to reduce the cost of domestic calling. GSM gateway advantages include high answer seizure ratio (ASR), optimal service provider, and business continuity.

It increases the call answer ratio as it masks the call centre number with a mobile number. It also enables the usage of free calls provided by network providers. It ensures business continuity by giving multiple options for calling numbers.

Use multiple channels to reduce business phone system bill

Customers today prefer omnichannel support — customer support available on all the preferred communication channels such as SMS/ Whatsapp or any collaboration tool.

Integrating your IP PBX or Phone System with the different communication channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, or chatbots will reduce the usage of the phone calls and save your costing on business communication telephone bills. Providing omnichannel customer support will also improve the customer experience, and as a brand, you can make your presence on all the platforms.

Integration with CRM/ ERP

Business phone systems or IP PBX integrated with CRM or ERP systems help you manage the operations better as CRM data gives you information about essential insights about the customer you will call.

For example, before calling, the CRM dashboard will display the customer’s information and insights on call history with the customer. All these data will help agents customize their tone and offerings of the call, increasing the probability of the conversion.

Reports and insights provided by the CRM/ ERP system will increase your revenues and decrease the chances of lousy support as information provided helps the agent decide on the call’s tonality.

Using VoIP Minutes for international calling

VoIP minutes for international calling is the most effective way to save on international calling bills. It offers a global presence to your business, is cost-effective as no hardware is required, works on the pay-as-you-go model, and provides unblurred voice quality.

Voice over IP uses the internet to make and receive calls, which provides an edge over other international calling methods in terms of costing and features.


Business communications will improve with updated technology and equipment, it will also lead to a significant reduction in costs incorporate telephone bills. Running your business with a better communication system will improve the overall revenues and enhance the customer experience as well.

If there is anything to take away from this article, it is — always track your business phone bills and update the call centres with the latest technologies. If you are not, you are missing on ways to operate your business communications at a lesser cost. For more details on the solution contact us or leave a comment below