Voice Logger for Cisco IP PBX

When business gets started, their focus is on getting new customers and retaining existing customers. They may rely on their product, sales, services but after-sales customer service is important. To improve overall customer services and agent’s performance, call recording is important. But, Most people overlook call recording while trying to improve their customer service. Call recording is equally important and must include it in their checklist. You should never ignore such small things which can be a game-changer for your business. Let’s look at the benefits of call recording that will amaze you.

Why it’s Important for Businesses to have Call Recording Feature

For some businesses, it’s mandatory to record customer conversations to remain compliant with the guidelines of their line of business. However, even if it’s not mandatory then also voice recording is beneficial.

There are multiple benefits of call recording such as

  • Capture minute details that can be missed during the conversation
  • Train your team effectively with recorded call examples
  • Improve productivity or service
  • Be compliant with the guidelines
  • Have great customer stories
  • Quality Assurance

Types of Call Recording Configuration according to Business Size

Call recording solution or voice logger can be of different types as per business size and requirements. *astTECS provides customized voice logger solutions for all the business segments such as analog-based extension recording, trunk side recording, IP-based trunk and extension side recording. The implementation of extension depends on the size of the business:-

SME segment:- They mostly have small operations and the number of calls is likely to be less so the best solution for them will be analog-based recording for internal and external calls.In most cases, SMEs just require a voice recording solution with up to 50 extensions.

Mid Segment:- According to requirement and size of operation, mid-segment deploy analog and digital trunk recording solutions. They mostly have requirements of up to 300 extensions.

Enterprise and Corporates:- Enterprises have operations at a larger level with a large user base and they have employees working from different locations. Their setup requires a business solution that can easily support a large user base.

Most of the enterprises are using Cisco Unified Communication Manager Servers. They are expensive to set up and if you require an additional call recording feature with this solution then you may have to shell out the additional money from your pocket.

That looks like an expensive deal. Isn’t it?

Here is the reliable and cost-effective solution which can be easily integrated with CUCM – Cisco Unified Communication Manager. *astTECS IP/VoIP-based recording system is compatible with CUCM and can be easily integrated with the Cisco system.

CUCM Integration with Call Recording Software Process

*astTECS voice logger can be fully integrated with Cisco Unified Communication Manager which is one of the most used business communication solutions. The integrated solution provides all the call recording features and benefits organizations may need to function efficiently.

Recording Mode

In Recording mode, CUCM (Cisco Unified Call Manager) establishes with *astTECS recording system and triggers Cisco IP phone to forward VoIP packets (RTP) directly to the *astTECS recording system.

*astTECS voice logger uses *astMP to CUCM to receive call information like extension number, CLI and CDR. Recording mode in the Cisco environment resolves many limitations cited in using the passive recording approach and is the best solution for large sites or customers who have multiple branches to record.

Fig : Architechture

Features of *astTECS Voice Recording System Integrated with CUCM

  • Cost Effective : *astTECS IP -based voice logger is a cost effective and reliable solution. It can easily integrated with CUCM and provide a seamless experience.
  • Live Recording: Call recording will start as soon as the call starts and agents also have the option to start recording.
  • Support IP and VoIP Calls: VoIP or IP-based calls are easily supported by the call recording system when integrated with CUCM.
  • Extension Wise and Trunk Based Recording: Both types of recording are supported by the system whether its extension wise recording or trunk-based recording. Both the recordings have their applications, pros and cons but definitely, both are required for the efficient functioning of any call recording system.
  • CDR Report: It provides CDR (call detail report) along with call recording Reports are call recordings which are super helpful for companies to know about call details and performance of customer service or sales department.
  • Web-based GUI:- GUI makes it easy for agents to use it. Graphical User Interface has multiple benefits such as it enables clarity control for users, makes the platform more interactive and engaging, providing a seamless user journey.
  • Extension and Department Mapping: Extensions according to departments can be mapped to the recording software. It tells the agents what calls are being tapped and from which department. It also makes it easier to distinguish between external and internal calls.
  • Supervisor Privilege: Extra privileges are allowed for managers or supervisors such as call barging, listening to recordings and tapping the calls.


Now, you don’t have to worry about additional investment if you are willing to set up a call recording system with CUCM. You can opt for *astTECS call recording system which is fully compatible and can be integrated with Cisco Unified Communication Manager.

We at *astTECS have been able to integrate our solutions with Cisco products and make them compatible to use with Cisco. You just need to call us and tell us your requirements. We will get back to you with the best possible solution

Let us know in the comments which communication managers are using? Or Contact us to speak with our experts for call recording solutions.