Today many network providers like Reliance/ Tata/Airtel /Vodafone is providing SIP Trunks to enterprises which has huge cost benefits for domestic and international calls. These services are provided through their NGN network, which is a purely end to end IP network. To avail the benefits of these services, the enterprise requires to purchase IP PBX.

But it may not be possible for many organisation who are still using legacy PBX to replace with new IPPBX immediately as it involves a huge cost to upgrade the existing infrastructure. Also, The organisation will definitely have concern over whether their existing communication systems will get affected and spending more money to buy IP PBX system is a better option or not.

So how can the organisation avail these benefits of SIP trunking without throwing away their existing phone system?

Thanks to SIP gateway, also known as SIP trunk to PRI Converter, It is possible to enjoy benefits of SIP trunking without replacing your existing phone systems. It is also a solution for businesses that may need to wait a while before investing in major equipment upgrades.

What is SIP Gateway?

SIP gateway is a device that used to build a bridge between the traditional PABX and SIP enabled Voice over IP (VoIP). It will convert the legacy PBX signals to SIP signals and vice versa.

*astTECS offers SIP Gateway, which will act as an intermediary between the traditional EPABX and the SIP Trunks from Jio/Airtel/Vodafone. The gateway connects to the EPABX through either analog or digital trunk ports.

All the incoming calls will travel via SIP trunk to SIP gateway and converted into the appropriate legacy protocol and delivered to the PBX. Similarly, all outbound calls will be switched to the Gateway and converted into SIP calls and sent over the Internet to a SIP service provider.

In this way, SIP Gateway help the organisation to benefit from the new aggressive telecom call charges with existing Phone system, rather than migrating from traditional EPABX to a new IP PBX .

Benefits of SIP Gateway:

  • SIP gateway can help organisation to extend the life of legacy equipment by “IP enabling” it .
  • It has optional features like call recording, voicemail to email, IVR which are not available in traditional PBX.
  • Avoid investing in IP PBX


In this way, SIP Gateway offers numerous benefits, in addition to reduce call charges. If you are using legacy EPABX and aren’t ready to invest into new IP PBX, installing SIP gateway will be a smart choice to improve your business communication system and enhance productivity.

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