All About Predictive Dialer and its Benefits

If your business needs outbound telemarketing to generate leads or drive sales, then let us introduce you to the predictive dialer. But why it is imperative for your business? This technology is going to help in great ways and we will find out about all that in the article below.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

It is a type of automated dialer that will assist to place the phone call to the potential leads on behalf of the agents. It is an efficient tool that is designed to increase agents’ productivity as it makes sure that it is calling as many leads as possible. Using this tool, it is possible to move to the next lead quickly if the call goes unanswered. And at the same time, the calls which are answered are quickly routed to the next available agent so that the lead is not missed at all. This will make sure that there is more productive talk time and also helps in increasing the overall productivity of the call center.

How Does a Predictive Dialer work?

As the name here suggests, the predictive dialer aids in predicting when the agents will be free to take the next call and dial the lead on the agent’s behalf. With the help of various algorithms, the dialer calculates the exact time by when the agent will be finished with the call so that the agent is available to attend the next call it dials. With the right analysis, this system makes sure that there is no downtime and that the calls are streamlined for the agents so that no time is wasted.
Using this dialer, a lot of time is saved. Let us fathom this with an example. Normally it would take around 30 seconds for an agent to make a call, but within that time two or three can be answered. This dialer calculates the average time to attend one call, and meanwhile it makes other calls so that agents will have a steady number of calls aligned for them without the waste of any time. The algorithm should be accurate otherwise it will make the customers wait too long for the live agent to be available to attend to them.

What are the Benefits of a Predictive Dialer?

Now if you are looking for some amazing benefits of this technology, some are mentioned below:

Boosts productivity
As clear from how this tool works, the productivity of the business can be increased. By the time agent finishes one call, the dialer will make sure that the next lead is ready for the agent. Also, it saves time with the calls that are unanswered or dropped. It makes the right calls at the right time, and decreases idle time. Moreover, with access to a review of the records, the efficiency can be examined and proper measures can be taken for further cases.

Enhances sales
No one can have a 100% success guarantee on the calls, but when you are using a predictive dialer for your business, you can ensure better sales. The agents will be getting more calls to answer and hence there will be better lead conversion. As it saves time with automated calling, more calls can be made and with this, sales can be boosted. Furthermore, you can also simplify the lead generation and its management by importing the contacts from other sources as well.

Better customer service
It is a possibility that two agents might dial the same caller and the calls are not even unanswered. But this issue can be resolved using the predictive dialer as the calls will be automated for the whole system. This will reduce the risk of human error with this technology. Not only this, but this technology helps in choosing the convenient time to call a lead rather than just calling them at odd hours. With these features, it can really increase customer satisfaction and interaction which is an ultimate goal for any business.

Reduced operational costs
Operating a business requires a lot of resources and with this technology, you can reduce the operational costs of your business with increased sales nevertheless. You can utilize your existing computer network and you will not need to buy new hardware for the same. Whatever you need for this technology, will already be present in your call center. As productivity increases, you can achieve the same goals with fewer and more efficient agents in your business.

Get insights
Not only this tool is going to help you boost your sale, but you will get to generate reports that you can use to get insights. Using this information, you can analyze the quality of calls and the skills of the agents. The right decisions can be made using this tool, hence, these insights can be very crucial for the business.

How much does Predictive Dialer costs?

This is indeed an investment and once you are set up, you will know its worth. An average predictive dialer on-site will cost as per the customer’s need. These prices depend on your business requirements and the number of agents that are using this technology. If you wish to go for hosted dialer/cloud based dialer, then the prices are on a monthly basis. Choosing the right service provider is very much pivotal here as this will help in providing support round the clock and provide great services for the price you paid. If you invest in a 30 size call center where business per sale is Approx $2000, then you can increase the business ROI by 200-300% and also cut the idle time by 92% in comparison with the manual calling. The return of the investment is worth spending money on the predictive dialers.


Adopting a technology stack that improves the strategy in any business is the need of the hour and with a predictive dialer, you will have one! As your agents are able to convert more leads, close more calls, and have better growth in the following quarters, you are going to have a team of the best professionals with this technology and it is all that matters at the end of the day. With astTECS predictive dialer, you are going to find the best service provider and someone whom you can trust.

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