Powering BBMP in the amid of COVID-19 with *astTECS Cloud Telephony Solution

Bangalore government has been constantly working to control the situation in this pandemic. Main focus of BBMP has been that patients can easily reach out to the hospital or concerned authority in case of any emergency.

Forseeing the situation, BBMP came up with the solution of dividing the whole city into 7 sub divisions and deploying contact centers in each sub division for COVID.


Bommanahalli BBMP had come up with the requirement in which they wanted to have one dedicated mobile number for all the requirements of a patient and symptotic person. They wanted a single number for the needs like testing, hospitalization, ambulance and other support.

They basically wanted to set up a virtual call center where all the calls will land to one number and then can be distributed using IVR to the right department. Agents can receive and make the calls using the same number.

Solution Implemented by *astTECS:

Analyzing the current situation *astTECS team reacted immediately on the implementation and challenged themselves to complete the virtual call center implementation in a single day i.e in 24 hours. Guess What? *astTECS  was successful in implementing the full solution in 24 hours.

*astTECS  approached the Bommanahalli BBMP with the right technology to help them in creating well structured contact centers for symptotic contact centers. After careful evaluation, *astTECS  implemented a virtual call center with a dedicated mobile number that has inbuilt CRM. Cloud Telephony Solution provided agents with the option of Work From Home as well.

The solution has capabilities of receiving inbound calls as well as making outbound calls. It gives agents flexibility of using mobile phones to take calls and make calls. All the data is stored in the CRM so that while calls agents are well equipped with patient data to provide the accurate information.

Results and Value Add-on by Cloud Solution:

*astTECS helped BBMP Bommanahalli, automate the entire interaction related to COVID queries. The contact center offers highest patient satisfaction with best sound quality, and consistent user experience.

With contact center in place, BBMP agents could:

  • Capture the caller location and other details immediately that helped the organization to trace the caller and keep the record of them.
  • They could identify the ward numbers on the basis of location. It helped to keep the ward authorities informed about the call from their locality so that they can take immediate action at the time of any emergency.
  • SMS system was also set up for all the calls. As soon as the call is disconnected, SMS is delivered to the caller message box containing all the important information.
  • Inbuilt CRM helped authorities to keep an eye on all the agents’ performance and calls as the CRM application allows live monitoring and reporting.
  • Agents has option of click to call on CRM through which they can easily call any patient or patient’s relative directly from CRM without the use of their mobile phone.
  • All the calls are recorded so that authorities can train the new recruits and recordings help in case of any concern like unsatisfactory response. Call recording can be immediately used to check the agent’s response for that particular call.
  • Call recordings are also a great resource to check a patient’s history and the queries a patient or patient’s relative asked earlier.
  • If the patient is already registered in the CRM and as soon as the call lands from the registered number, the pop up window appears in the CRM showing all the details and history of the patient.

*astTECS Support:

*asttecs dedicated team was working on a project to make it a success and implement it on priority. We as a recognised telecommunication company wanted to provide the best and effective solution that can be easily accessed.

*astTECS pooled up all the resources to implement cost effective solution, and we have been providing 24*7 support for all the agents. A dedicated executive has been assigned to address the issues on COVID BBMP helpline.

As per our communication with government officials, they are happy with the implementation of the Cloud Telephony Solution and support provided by the technical team.



Be Ready for New Normal Interaction:

Cloud Communication has been the new normal for the healthcare sectors. In this pandemic it has come out to be a mandatory solution for hospitals and government bodies as well. There are few reason why,

  • Faster setup
  • Built for remote teams
  • Cost effective
  • Real time tracking and monitoring
  • Secured

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