Announcement: *astTECS successfully developed VoIP based Train Control Communication System (TCCS) for Indian Railways

Indian Railways is envisioned to update the existing analog communication system and implement VoIP based TCCS system which comes with additional features which improve communication between control office and station masters and addresses security issues. This system will also reduce the cost of ownership while increasing reliability and capabilities.

IP based TCCS system provides the new experience to railway station communication and conference by using customized phone terminals over IP infrastructure which has user-friendly recording capabilities.

Why Railways Needed a Upgrade to VoIP based TCCS?

The existing system consists of analog telephones which use ether analog transmission on copper cable or digital transmission on OFC. No signalling was there from way station to controller, and way stations were always connected to the controller conference circuit.

Indian Railways wanted to upgrade the existing systems and implement the modern telephony features to have more connected system across the station.

Advantages of VoIP based TCCS

  • Analog systems will require a hardware update for each additional feature which is not cost-effective while updation is always being easy in IP based systems.
  • VoIP based comes packed with additional features such as Omnibus communication circuit integration, emergency communication circuit without any call signalling, centralised conference bridge, incoming call alert, inbuilt security systems, call recording, SMS alert.
  • VoIP systems use common network infrastructure for voice, video and data which reduces the operational and setup costs.
  • VoIP based TCCS system is internationally accepted system, and work on international standards

*astTECS has announced its successful development of VoIP based Train Control Communication Systems (TCCS) for Indian Railways sector. *astTECS IP-based TCCS voice communications system surpasses the existing legacy system by allowing the Section controller’s office and Way stations to communicate and conference using customized advanced phone terminals over a modern IP infrastructure with recording capabilities as per RDSO guidelines.

Features of *astTECS IP-based TCCS Voice Communication System

  • TCCS system is based on industry standards communication protocols SIP distribute equal time for servers and endpoints from a single source through Network Time Protocol (NTP).
  • Parallel bridge with the communication system was implemented so that system can work seamlessly with old system.
  • Voice logging feature allows recording of calls and makes it easy to search for a particular recording to *astTECS user-friendly console.
  • Emergency communication gateways are connected to VoIP based systems at every station to have interconnected communication systems at every station.Emergency communication circuit can work without any signalling end.
  • Modern telephony features such as call logs, caller id, call records, missed call alert, shortcut dialling buttons, user-friendly dashboards and consoles are provided to make the process easy.
  • Security features include inbuilt protection against DoS attacks or intrusion and change of configuration only from authorised devices or networks.


TCCS seamlessly integrates features of modern communication systems and legacy systems. In this end the signaling systems can be upgraded to the current technology” – Dr. Devasia Kurian, CEO – *astTECS.

*astTECS teams are dedicated to providing technical support 24*7 in case of any emergency and we have pooled up years of experience to implement such an effective and important solution that reflects the change of era in technology.

VoIP based Train Control Communication System is the reflection of modern telephony with advanced features. This future-ready communication solution is flexible and user-friendly.

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