CRM/ERP/Google Docs/Teams/Slack Users–New Year Gift!

Would you like to Click the number seen on your screen and immediately reach the person? The number could be from your CRM/ERP application or any website. Mark the number and Click – next minute, you start talking to the owner of that number.

Yes – it is not new. Many of the CRMs offer this feature at some additional license cost. But, *astTECS provides it free and irrespective of your CRM. That sounds new – isn’t it?

What is *astTECS Click to Call Extension?

The *astTECS Click To Call Web Extension is available on the Chrome Web Store and Mozilla Add-Ons. The simple Web Extension gives an extended feature to the existing phone system by allowing users to dial numbers visible on the browser with a single click. With the extension, the team can perform outbound calls to numbers present on multiple platforms such as their CRM, help desk numbers, Google Sheets, etc with a click.

What’s does *astTECS Click to Call Extension do?

The best way to understand a product is by trying it out. To install the extension visit our page and follow the instructions. Within a few minutes, you will be all set up to make calls directly from the browser and increase your workplace productivity. The extension is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers.

The *astTECS Click to Call browser extension works well with Asterisk PBX running as the communication server software.

Advantages :

With *astTECS Click to Call extension installed, you will be able to

1) Eliminates dialling errors

2) Speeds up the workflow

3) Saves time for agents

4) Connect with customers or leads faster

5) Increase agent productivity

Use cases Scenario :

1) Lead generation team can initiate calls from any webpage on the browser

2) Legacy CRMs that run on the web browser and do not provide APIs to integrate click to call now can be made click to call using the extension.

3) High cost of purchase for click to call license offered by CRMs can be eliminated by using the FREE click to call feature.

4) Sales agents can call potential customers from the customer’s website using a single click.

5) Regular PBX users can dial any number present on the screen. This may include calls through the CRM or any number such as a help desk number.

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