The Only Guide You Will Need On Call Center Dialer

If you’re looking for a well-researched guide on call center dialers, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of articles out there that will tell you what a call centre dialer is and even tips on how to use it. However, most of them fail to go beyond those generic guides and explain exactly how a call centre dialer can help your business or increase productivity in the workplace.

Did you know that dialer software from a call center isn’t reserved for large businesses with hundreds of people on their staff and an office building full of cubicles? Well, it’s not. Dialer software for call centers can be purchased for any size business, even the smallest. What does this mean for you? It means that you can get high-quality call center software without spending a fortune or messing around with complicated hardware and phone systems that take hours to learn how to use. Stay with me. We will cover a lot of stuff here and I want you to get your money’s worth.

Come, let’s dive a little deep.

First, What is a Call Center Dialer?

A call center dialer is a software that automates the process of placing outbound calls while improving the efficiency and productivity of agents. It automates the calling process by dialling multiple phone numbers of your customers at once and then connects the call to an available agent when it is answered.

There are several different types of dialers that you can use for your call center. These include Manual dialers, Preview, Progressive, Predictive, Click-To-Call and Inbound dialers. They vary in their automation levels as well as in function.

Different types of Dialer for your Call Center

Manual Dialer:

Manual Dialer, often known as hand dialing, is an entirely manual outbound phone call mode, as its name implies. This is the most fundamental Dialer, and it is distinguished by the most inefficient method of conducting outbound phone campaigns.

Despite its low cost, this Dialer is seldom used in contact centers, and is an excellent tool for highly small and start-up companies. Dialling a phone number manually is accomplished using a phone’s or computer’s keyboard (Dialpad), and the operator enters the phone number manually.

Preview Dialer:

The Preview Dialer is a simple and effective dialer that allows you to view your contacts and preview their phone numbers before dialling. Preview your contacts by name and number, then call the correct number with a click of a button.

It saves time and effort when manually dialling numbers. The Preview Dialer displays on the screen the information about the customer that the operator should work on but gives the operator adequate time to prepare for the discussion.

The agent examines the material for a specific time, and the dialer automatically calls after that time. During an unknown period of time, the agent previews the information and dials it when needed.

Preview Dialer’s advantage in verifying contact information may help the business better serve its customers. This technique should be used for inquiries that aren’t covered by a standard call center script and require some planning on the part of the agent. This occurs while dealing with a complicated problem that necessitates the use of paperwork or compliance with legal standards.

Progressive Dialer (Power Dialer):

A dialling mode known as Progressive Dialer (or Power Dialer) makes automated phone calls. An outbound call is immediately initiated as soon as the operator is freed from the initial call.

Progressive Dialer typically needs additional settings, such as a predetermined time before the call is made to prepare for the discussion with the customer and wrap time – a predefined time for processing the information after the conversation’s conclusion – before you can use it.

Usually, this is the first step when automating outgoing telephone campaigns since progressive mode saves operators time when dialling phone numbers.

It is used with extensive dial lists that do not require any planning and when the necessary dial time is predictable and consistent among all contacts (for example, renewal of subscription, repeating purchases, sale of related products, etc.).

Dialling rates are adjustable based on the number of agents and demand (or call objectives). If the power dialer is linked to CRM, the agent will see the contact’s information history.

Power dialer provides not only additional contact hours but also provides effective lead and client management, as well as eliminating the possibility of a lost call.

Predictive Dialer:

Predictive Dialer is the most effective method to automate outbound campaigns that have high call volumes. It gathers and analyses vast amounts of data about operators and their calls and “predicts” how many outgoing phone numbers to dial simultaneously . The dialer automatically connect only to live prospects and skips those numbers which are not connected or machine answered thus ensuring higher agent productivity by reducing agent idle time.

Predictive dialer is oftenly used in telemarketing, market research, debt collection, and customer service follow-up. It dials multiple numbers simultaneously and then uses an automated call distribution system (ACD) to connect answered calls to the next available agent. This process of call routing seeks to maximize the amount of outbound calls and higher customer engagement.


Any enterprise grade CRM can be integrated with click-to-call feautre which will allow agents to just click on the phone number in CRM to place a call. In this agent will have complete access to customer information on screen while on call. Also, any information gathered during the call can be updated in the CRM including call recording.

The click-to-call feature also allow certain prompts to show-up on the agent’s screen to set disposition of the call or a follow-up call easily without any manual effort.

Here are some of the benefits this technology can bring to your business:

The right call center dialer can provide several benefits to your business. Some of the key benefits include:

Easily scalable:

If your call center is snowballing, you need a way to handle that growth without adding staff or shifting schedules around. A call center dialer allows you to quickly scale up the number of calls being made at any given time — it can even make calls simultaneously from one phone line. This gives your call center the ability to ramp up quickly when demand rises or slow down when things get quiet again.

Automation and integration:

The software can automate parts of the calling process, including customer data lookups, appointment reminders and more. It can also integrate with other Applications, such as CRM, ERP etc that stores customer details or an order processing system that takes care of the technical side of fulfilling sales orders or taking payments.

Save time and money:

A call center dialer is a great way to reduce your agents’ time making calls to customers. The auto-dialer does all the number punching for them and allows them to focus on customer service, thereby increasing their productivity. The auto-dialer also helps businesses save money by lowering their operational costs. By using predictive dialers, businesses can also increase their agent utilization as they get more time to handle customer queries as there is no waiting time between calls.

Improve customer service:

Call center auto-dialers help in improving customer service in a variety of ways. The most important one being calls are no longer made at inconvenient times. Auto dialers offer to create call lists with details like age, gender, location etc. This feature allows you to make calls only to potential customers who might be interested in your services and products. Also, since auto dialers allow you to make multiple calls simultaneously, customers do not have to wait for long periods before they receive a response from your business, giving them a better overall experience of your brand.


There are a lot of call centers that are still using the old and outdated method of making calls manually, which is pretty much slow and inefficient. The use of call center dialers has helped many organisations make their work more effective, which comes with a lot of advantages.

And, I believe that once you have read this, you will have a clear understanding of the best way to get your system up and running. With that in mind, please do remember to get in touch with us if you have any questions or requirement; we are always happy to help!

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