Turn your Smartphone into your PBX extension

Hey! You have a decent PBX system at the office for the inbound process, which enables your customers to reach out to you at your workplace,

Have you ever wondered, what if something important comes up while you aren’t at the office? At this point of working remote, you can’t always be near your desk. We are sure that turning your smartphone into a PBX would have rung some bells because let’s face facts, they are handy and portable.

You thought it, we present you, *astTECS IP PBX solution which will convert your smartphone into PBX. Now, your PBX system is a smart and technologically advanced business phone system that gives you flexibility and mobility.

So, not taking any more wordy diligence of your time, let’s get straight to it.

Perks of Connecting PBX to Smartphone

Smartphone with Wi-fi Client:

Once the SIP Client is installed to a Smart Phone & connected to corporate Wi -Fi Network, it get registered with the IP PBX as an extension. Enabling this feature lets you to communicate with the smart phone over the Wi-Fi network by just dialing the extension number. It empowers to attend the calls with your smart phone while roaming across office premises .

Forward PBX Calls to your Smartphone

*astTECS PBX solution enables you to receive calls to your smartphone and as it routes straight from your office extension to your smartphone while you are out of office. This enables you to answer business calls straight from your smartphones.

It’s just not limited to this but presents you with varied options to effectively route and forward your business calls.

Distinguish between PBX and Cell Phone:

What if you want to call from a personal number and smartphone PBX is activated on your device? Don’t worry, you can still make calls using your personal number from the same device, you will get the option to choose personal number or business number while making the calls. It makes your life easy and you don’t have to carry two devices with you.


What happens if you can’t attend a call, which is very critical. How would you know if it was critical in the first place? Well, if you miss a PBX call, the voicemail will get delivered to your office PBX system and thereby received to your email. This gives you end-to-end knowledge of the call visibility, taken or missed.

Missed Calls Records

When you receive all of your business calls on your smartphone, the PBX system continues to record all of your call history and logs, which can be quickly retrieved when needed. This enables quality assessment and analytics to track productivity and customer acceptance.

It also lets you check if you have missed any important business calls. Access to the records on the go ensures business continuity and keeps you at the top of business calls.

Call Recording

Smartphone PBX records all the business calls which you are taking up using your personal mobile phone. Managers can easily check call recordings for quality assurance and training purposes. It also helps managers to keep a check on agents’ performance and tone.

Mobility & Flexibility:

Enabling PBX extension in smartphone, your employees are no longer bound to a specific location. At any time, you and your team can listen in on all of your customers’ calls.

Lunch breaks, meetings, and coffee breaks, for example, are no longer acceptable reasons for not being available to your customers. Above all, your customers will appreciate having a service that is straightforward to use and does not require them to wait.

Smartphones with IP PBX make it possible to connect remote workers, office workers with one PBX system. It also enables the multiple office branches and employees to be connected to the same PBX which makes this an efficient and productive solution.

             Fig : Softphone view


A more effective communication method:

This is the key reason why businesses are now adopting Mobile phone PBX systems. It allows firms, employees, and outsiders to communicate flexibly and simply. In the office, communication is critical and mobile phone PBX solutions can help.

Keeping up with the ever-increasing need:

As the company grows, so does the number of operations and consumers. Employees can keep up with consumer demands and inquiries in a more organized and methodical manner by enabling PBX extension to smartphone.

Enhancement of productivity

When several channels of communication and telephony are combined into a single device, productivity increases by a factor of ten. Employees will be better linked, and a stronger sense of teamwork and togetherness will exist. Employee productivity will be significantly increased.


When properly configured, an IP PBX can be the most effective company communication tool. It has a number of advantages and features that contribute to a positive communication environment.

Features like the Smartphone PBX Client allow you to connect your customers to the same PBX, which is both cost-effective and efficient. Even when you are not at your desk or in the office, you must be able to communicate with your customers, clients, or internal office team.

If you haven’t taken advantage of these features and want to know more on *astTECS IP PBX solution, contact us or leave your comment below.