Toll Free number, a term we have heard and read a lot about in ads, on the back packaged products, announcements and whatnot. Here we take a sneak peek at what it is. If you’re new to the business, toll-free numbers are those calling numbers on which customers are not charged. It helps increase inbound leads and better customer experiences. Oftentimes, Small businesses look for solutions that can increase their leads and scale up their sales. Let us first discuss, what a toll free number is and what it can do for your business. So, let’s get on to it.

What is Tollfree Number?

Toll free numbers generally are numbers taken by brands that can be dialled by anyone across the country without being charged. The cost of the calls is paid by the companies.

The main advantage of toll-free numbers is that callers are not charged and the cost is paid completely by the owner who paid for the toll free number.

As a reward for business owners and consumers, the importance of owning toll free numbers cannot be overstated. This will help in gaining business credibility and appreciation in the current market, thereby you can generate more sales, and it also helps you in attracting more prospects with minimal time investment.

Advantages using a Toll Free Number

The main focus of every small business is to get customers right through the door and toll-free numbers can be the key to get in the customers.

There can be multiple benefits of having toll free number, some of them are:

Display a bigger image for your business

Toll free numbers and free calls attract customers and potential customers and build more business authority. Businesses with toll free numbers are considered more noteworthy, more reliable and more genuine.

Improved customer service

Using a toll free number, you can improve your customer service. The toll free number helps your customers to reach you and get their queries answered. They can call you any day, anytime and it costs them nothing. The easier way your customers reach you, the more likely they are to retain your customers. For small businesses and organizations, this solution provides a great way for customer retention.

Build marketing campaigns with toll-free numbers

It allows you to create toll free number extensions that are linked to a specific campaign. One number for printing, one for website etc. You can use your toll free number as a marketing tool that increases your call volume, sales.

Provide 24*7 customer support

A toll-free helpline can be set up for a team of one hundred or a thousand support agents. Therefore, if you have a small team to take care of business calls, toll free is a feasible option.

As your team grows, you can plan the separate phone numbers of your new support agents on the same toll-free number. There is no need to change the toll free number in the future ever. Toll free numbers providers enable auto attendants, simultaneous call forwarding, and call queues to assist in times of increased activity like a larger enterprise would.

Reducing Costs

Subscription rates for toll free numbers are comparatively lower than regular telephone devices. The installation charges are also minimal. Along with the toll-free provision, service providers also offer other services like voice mail, ignoring unwanted calls and a message center. A toll free number will help your home office set up to reduce operational costs by restricting the workforce.

Difference between toll free, vanity number and local number?

A toll free number is a number taken by brands so that their customer can call them easily without incurring any charges. The price of the call is paid by the owner of the phone number rather than the caller.

A vanity number is easy to customize and easy for remembering, it creates a good brand reputation and enhances recognition among potential customers. You can mention your business name with a digit code, for example, 1-800-Hotel or 1-800-Store. However, these numbers may not come with the benefits of VoIP.

With local numbers, you are going to pay for calls made by your customers, but not with toll free numbers. The best option, in this case, is to buy a toll free number.

How do toll free numbers work?

The workflow of the toll-free number is very simple:

    1. A customer dials the number displayed
    2. The call is then routed to the cloud server
    3. The cloud server connects the customer and business
    4. The business is charged for the call, the customer is not charged a single penny for the call

How to apply for toll-free numbers?

It’s easy to get a toll free number for any business with service providers like *astTECS. No matter what is the size of your company, you can apply for a toll-free number and get it easily.

It is imperative to know the target audience and the business model of your brand before applying. This majorly decided your budget Keep in mind that, If in future you are required to scale up your marketing campaign and inbound lead generation? Well, all these questions lead you to asttecs.

    1. Choose a toll free number plan
    2. Purchase the plan by making the payment.
    3. Provide your KYC documents along with a Purchase Order
    4. Enter the forwarding number of your agents.

This is all you need to start your toll free number. Total processing time won’t be over a few minutes if you already have the KYC documents with you.

Features of a Toll-Free Number

Toll-free numbers are used by many big and small organizations for different purposes such as lead generation, branding, customer service, etc. The toll-Free number comes with solid values with a ton of different features.

Here, we are mentioning some of the features:

    1. Call Tracking: Always track your call and measure the effectiveness of your customer experience
    2. Live Panel: A live dashboard showcasing all statistics of incoming calls and their reports.
    3. Call Recording: Enables you to assess the quality and how good is your team in reaching targets.
    4. IVR Solution: An IVR helps in the easy routing of the call to the designated agent or information source.
    5. Call Reports: A detailed report of account activity and conversions.
    6. CRM Integration: Integrated API for a consistent CRM experience for your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Toll Free Numbers

Can I connect my current number to the toll free number?

Yes. You can link your old business number with the toll free number. This means you will not miss a call to your previous business number.

How much does a toll free number cost?

The cost depends on the toll free service provider. The cost usually depends on the plan you choose and the total number of minutes you use per month.

For my cell phone can I get a toll free number?

Yes, you can get a toll free number for your cell phone. With the call forwarding feature, you can send all incoming calls to your toll free number to your cell phone.

How to get a toll free number for your business?

The toll free number provides practical customer service benefits. The positive experiences of your customers with your extra service will further strengthen the chances of retaining the customer, across the country.

Don’t forget to add your new toll free number to your website, social media and other platforms.

Are you ready to improve your customer satisfaction & generate more inbound leads with the toll-free number?

Whether you run your entire business single handedly or have a team of tens or hundreds of people to support you, our cloud-based toll free numbers can balance your business communications and support systems.

If you are still confused about toll free numbers, what is the right step for your business and how to go about this? We will give you a full consultation on how it works.

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