*astTECS to Launch FMC Gateway on 25th Feb 2011

Enhance your Existing EPABX capabilities with *astTECS FMC gateways.
Instead of having a separate landline number and a cell phone number and an Extension number, how about a single phone number, single voicemail and the enterprise caller ID? *astTECS FMC range of products makes it possible..

*astTECS, a provider of highly innovative next generation telecom technology offering Asterisk based open source telephony solutions,  announced the Final launch date of a long time awaited product – the “ *ast FMC Gateway”.

Right Communication, happening at the right time to the right person, regardless of the location effortlessly and cost effectively is the key for any organization and that’s what an “*ast FMC gateway” would do. FMC is a concept that refers to convergence of fixed-line and mobile wireless networks. Here ‘fixed’ can also mean a wireless extension to a broadband access network, like Wi-Fi access points in settings such as a home network, IP network in an organization and other hot spot access points like at the airport etc and “Mobile” refers to the cellular network.
A snapshot of the features of this product is given below:

  • Multiple channels behaving as one – wireless and wire line
  • Integrates and exploits the advantages of two popular telecommunication networks – fixed and wireless
  • Wireless – GSM, but also Wi-Fi with integrated LCR
  • Enables existing PBXes with FMC features
  • Easy integration over a PRI or VoIP – SIP with existing EPABX
  • Increase PBX capacity
  • Centralised Cost Control and Tracking
  • Interoperable with all digital PBXes

The immediate benefits to enterprises business division would be a huge reduction in individual Mobile phone bills with cheaper incoming & outgoing STD, ISD calls happening over the enterprise’s Wi-Fi network. Depending on a users location, calls coming on mobile phones could be routed over either a broadband network according to signal strength.

This product also allows all existing digital EPABX customers to enhance there communication capabilities & features by just integrating the “*ast FMC Gateway” with their EPABX and start enjoying even the PBX features like Voice logger, Multiparty Conference & Voicemail system also.