First Open Source Telecom company to get TEC certification

On 28-Nov-2019, *astTECS E-Series IP PBX got TEC certification from Telecommunication Engineering Center which functions under the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Equally significant is that *astTECS is the first open-source telecommunications company to get the TEC Certification.

Lt. Col. Shaju, General Manager, *astTECS says “We are proud to announce another feather in the cap of *astTECS, the award of ‘TEC Certification’ for our PABX products. A milestone in our relentless pursuit of revolutionizing global PBX market with feature-rich, price competitive and most reliable unified communication solutions complying with all regulatory norms.”

First, let’s understand what is TEC?

Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC) functions under the Department of Telecommunication (DOT), Government of India. TEC is responsible for maintaining standards, generic, interface, service requirements and specifications for telecom products, services and networks.

Why is TEC certification required?

The Government of India mandated TEC Certification for telecom products to ensure the quality and interoperability of products. This certification assures that astTECS products are best in the industry and ensures that our products don’t degrade the performance of the existing network. Getting a TEC certificate is a win for us and also for our customers.

About the Government Rule

According to the Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules of 2017: From 1st Oct 2019, any list of telecom products covered under SCS and GSC which is being used or capable of being used shall have to undergo prior mandatory testing and certification in respect of parameters as determined by DoT from time to time.

*astTECS E-series IP PBX conforms to all essential requirements issued by TEC under Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecommunications Equipment (MTCTE) as notified vide Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules, 2017.

The benefit for our customers

This certification will re-affirm the confidence that our customers have vested in us for our quality products and services. This certification also ensures that *astTECS has standardized the quality for its products and is ready to further improve customer experience.

With the TEC stamp of approval, customers can now confidently install a comprehensive IP PBX solution instead of having to piece together the hardware and software separately,” says Dr Devasia Kurian, Managing Director of *astTECS.

As a pioneer in open source telecommunication, we will want this certification to give confidence to the customers to upgrade their existing system to the TEC certified system to have a modern business communication ecosystem.

Road ahead

*astTECS is continuously improving and raising the bar to provide quality products and services. We strongly believe in innovation to bring new functionalities in our products to increase the interoperability and customer experience.

*astTECS TEC certified IP PBX can be easily integrated with WhatsApp, SMS, E-mail to ease communication on the customer’s preferred medium.*astTECS’s focus on providing the solution with high-end features and flexible to adapt and integrate with an existing telecom infrastructure at an affordable cost and most importantly scalable with quick ROI.

*astTECS’s mission is to become the Red Hat for Asterisk and improve the business communication ecosystem across the world through its products. TEC certification is just a small step in the direction of standardizing the quality of our products.

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