Web Conferencing Solution

Webinars and web conferences are the order of the day enabling people from across the globe to participate in discussions. Be it investor meets or scientific discussions or even interactive workshops, web conferences are the means of communication today. Thus, web conferencing systems are in huge demand and most organisations require such a system. These systems make use of the internet, more specifically the TCP/IP connections to conference with the following capabilities – data sharing, video and voice chatting as well as text based message sharing.

Typical Features of web conferencing systems

  • Video streaming or live presentations using web cams
  • Usage of VoIP for audio connections
  • Whiteboards/ Slide show presentations
  • Chatting – text chat
  • Recording of meetings
  • Web based logons using URLs
  • Sharing of desktop or application sharing by the presenter with other users connected to the conference

Web Conferencing Systems from *astTECS

Web conferencing systems from *astTECS are dynamic and revolutionary products in open source platforms that allow users to Connect & Collaborate using superior telepresence systems at significantly low costs.

The benefits of these products from *astTECS include:

  • Secure
  • East to setup and use
  • Portable – can be used anywhere
  • Cost effective

The Big Blue Button Interface

This interface elevates conferencing capabilities to new levels and has a number of significant improvements over existing systems and its features and benefits are listed below:

  • Real-time file sharing
  • Video for Everyone
  • Point-Point/ Multi point conferences
  • Personal virtual meeting rooms
  • Increased productivity
  • Excellent ROI

Highlights of Big Blue Button Interface

  • Integrated VoIP – Just with a microphone and speakers, you could participate in a conference. This special feature facilitates VoIP conferencing out of the box.
  • Record & Playback –can be used to record meetings and lectures
  • Desktop Sharing for presentations and applications
  • Whiteboard – A handy freehand tool that lets you annotate and call out key parts of the presentation to users.
  • Web Cam
  • Presentation

*astTECS offers advanced products developed in open source platforms at extremely competitive prices