Unified Communication Solutions

In an ever changing and fast moving global environment, integrated systems that boast a wide array of applications are best suited to meet the exact demands of customers. Unified and comprehensive systems are the order of the day and every aspect of business from communication to management is based on such models. In earlier days, PABX (Private automated branch exchange) systems were used in businesses for call handling and routing and they served as the main communication systems along with other independent systems. With the growth in technology, the need to have unified communication solutions grew and they are a reality today. Unified Communication Systems help in seamless communication across integrated devices that include instant messaging, IP telephony, data sharing, web casts, conferencing capabilities and speech recognition. The system needn’t be a single component; it is mostly an integration of a variety of top notch and latest systems that enable seamless communication.

Key Components of Unified Communication Systems

  • Telephony services including IP Telephony (VoIP)
  • Predictive Dialer Systems
  • PABX Systems
  • Conferencing Capabilities
  • Unified messaging services – SMS, voice email, email, fax, etc.
  • Call control and monitoring
  • ACD, IVR and CRM integration

Advantages of Unified Communications Systems

  • Streamlines business operations with desktop integration for employees
  • Ability to send information in one medium and receive the same in another medium
  • Excellent ROI
  • Seamless integration of multiple systems on various platforms that ensures a smooth user experience
  • Easy to track calls, record the same for quality and training purposes and thus in a call center environment, can be used to gauge employee productivity
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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