Predictive Dialer System

Telemarketing is a key marketing strategy in most businesses today. Campaigns are organised and run to market products and customer responses are captured and analysed. Call centres have revolutionised such campaigns and in a certain sense, it even be said that only with the advent of call center systems and their rising popularity did telemarketing get the importance it has today. Predictive dialer systems are the computerized systems that have simplified campaign management & operations and they are used in every organization to run smart campaigns.

What are predictive dialer systems?

A predictive dialer system processes calls that emanate from within the system in association with campaigns (outbound calls). A predictive dialer automatically lists the numbers selected for the outbound campaign and places the calls and connects it back to the agent when the call is answered by a customer and screen unnecessary responses like waiting signals, answering machines and busy lines. This helps in improving the productivity of agents and is cost effective as well.

Predictive dialers run on sophisticated statistical algorithms that aim at minimising the agent’s waiting time between conversations and offer controls to speed up or slow down the call rates as per the requirement.

Outbound Call Center Suite from *astTECS

*astTECS offers a powerful outbound call center suite that integrated all the essential features for outbound calls management in a call center like telemarketing, sales, collections, surveys, etc. The features of this integrated suite include the following:

  • Manual, Progressive & Predictive Dialling
  • Longest idle agent based routing
  • Outbound ACD
  • Multiple campaign management and dialling modes
  • Agent inter dialling support
  • Music on hold, call transfer and retrieval
  • Real Time Supervision and Agent Call Intervention
  • Call forwarding and 3 way conferencing
  • Call back scheduling

With *astTECS’predictive dialer system, the waiting time for the agent is minimised and the actual time the agent spends on talking with the customer is increased to more than 50% as compared to manual dialing systems. Also, while in a manual dialling system, the agent has to handle the following in addition to waiting time – handling busy lines, landing answering machines, no answer, waiting for the dial tone and also dialling the number! All these are automatically handled by a predictive dialer and all the agent has to do is to wait for the answered call to get connected to him/her. This improves productivity and also reduces the cost! Thus, *astTECS is amongst one of the best predictive dialer provider companies.