PBX Phone System

What is a PBX Phone System?

Most big organisations have an internal telephone network that is owned by them as opposed to a telephony vendor or service provider. Such internal networks are called telephone PBX systems or the Private Branch Exchange Systems that allow the employees or the users inside the organisation to make calls to one another and to the outside world. This is accomplished by switching calls over a particular number of lines leased from external telephone lines or the PSTN. This helps in cost reduction as compared to having individual lines for every user in the company.

Components of a PBX Phone System Setup

A PBX Phone System setup typically includes a lot of telephone lines that form a network, a computer or an integrated system that switches calls within the PBX and also handles calls to the PSTN. It may also additionally feature an operator or some sort of system to switch and route calls via free or open lines. These are the traditional components of a PBX Phone System Setup; these days however, PBX phone systems are advanced in nature and are available as Virtual or Hosted Solutions and can even be mounted on the company’s own hardware.

IP PBX is the latest and most popular advancement in this area and most organisations employ this technology. IP PBX is a PBX phone system that uses the Internet Protocol to manage calls – make them, route them, transfer them, etc. Voice over Internet Protocol is used in such advanced systems and VoIP phones are more flexible than conventional PSTN telephones because they needn’t be physically connected to a phone system. They can be connected over the internet or to the LAN and thus are more popular in large organisations.

IP PBX Products from *astTECS

*astTECS offers a unique IP PBX package with high quality video conferencing capabilities. The features are listed below:

  • IVR
  • Audio and Video Conference
  • Voice Mail to Email
  • Built in Call recording
  • Centralized Admin
  • GSM Integration
  • Call Detail Report
  • FOP- Web based Receptionist Console
  • Fax Support and Parallel Ringing

A Mini PBX Suite is available as well and it features the plug and play technology. Being the smallest IP PBX in the world, it aims at cost reduction, improving productivity and enhances connectivity to remote locations.

*astTECS is a leading provider of IP PBX systems and aims at providing great quality along with customer satisfaction. Offering competitive prices, *astTECS aims at revolutionizing the industry by striking a balance between breakthrough technology at affordable prices.