IP PBX Systems for Hotels

Are you looking for PBX System which provides one time solution for all your Hotel’sTele-communication needs?? ??

* A PBX System without Vendor Lock-in / License

* A Complete PBX solution that can connect with:

*astTECS Advantage Best Fit for Hotels Upto 500 Rooms

*astTECS introduces series of IP PBX systems that satisfy the requirement of hospitality industry. Be it a small size hotel with 50 rooms to larger hotels up to 500 rooms, *astTECS has the right fit for your requirement. With our cluster based solution & customization, the product is capable of delivering robust solutions even for More then 500 Rooms, ideals for Resorts, Motels, Serviced, Apartments & Guest Houses.

Effective Call ManagementAchieve proper connectivity at every corner of your hotel, *astTECS IP PBX System easily integrates with devices like Softphone, Smartphone, tablets, Laptops etc., so even if you are in Bar, Near to pool, reception, or any where in the premises you are always connected.Value Added Call Features

  • Instant SMS to guest
  • Video Conference facility
  • VoIP Call facility
  • Roam call Billing
  • Wake Up Call
  • Third Party Software Integration

Product Highlights

IP PBX with Video Conferencing*astTECS IP PBXs for Hotels support superior quality video calling. No other extra hardware requirement except video cameras. When logged into the conference, users have the option of sharing their video over the web using a built or external webcam. Multiple participants and a presenter can be sharing.Our Products range..

IP PBX Features in Detail.

Web based Company Receptionist
Company receptionist manages the incoming and outgoing calls from a Web interface,

  1. Calls in queue, pick which calls to answer.
  2. Active Calls Show the list of active calls and engaged extensions.
  3. Availability, IP Phone/soft phone status like offhook, on-hook, ringing.
  4. Call Park.
  5. Drag and Drop call transfer.
  6. Voicemail transfer.
  7. Call Toggle – Allows the operator to shift between calls.

Call Queue

  1. Music on Hold per queue.
  2. Caller Experience – Let the caller hear the phone ring instead of listening to music on hold.

IVR– Interactive Voice Response

  1. Ringing Options – Ring All, Round Robin, Fewest Calls, Least Recently Called, Random, and In Order.
  2. Extension Dialing – Allow the callers to dial an extension at any time.
  3. Send to Voice Mail.

Call Control

  1. Call Transfer – you can easily transfer incoming calls or active calls to another extension. Set the transfer rules for incoming calls so you can check the call first, then transfer, transfer without checking, or send the call straight to voicemail.
  2. Call Pick up – You can set up Call Pickup groups so some employees can pick up calls ringing on other extensions by dialing a short code on their own phones. You determine who has this permission and which calls they can pick up.
  3. Do not disturb.
  4. Hold – Put a call on Hold using the button on your IP phone, or from the Switchboard. You can customize the Music on Hold that plays until you resume the call.
  5. Call Parking – Put a call on Hold using the button on your IP phone, or from the Switchboard. You can customize the Music on Hold that plays until you resume the call.
  6. Parellel Ringing.
  7. Follow me.

Voice Mail

  1. Voice Mail Set up.
  2. Voice Mail Access.
  3. Voice mail to email or to any email client.

Voice Recording Automatically record calls coming in, going out, or even internally, based on the settings you define


  1. 3 way conferencing from the IP Phone.
  2. Met me conference- With a Meet Me Conference Center, each of your phone extensions can have its own conference room.

Video Conferencing with big blue button


  1. Out going fax.
  2. Incoming Fax

  • Built in call recording
  • Call details report
  • Voice Mail
  • Voice Mail to eMail
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Monitoring
  • Custom Message
  • Voice Blasting
  • Least Call Routing
  • Call Budgeting
  • FAX to eMail
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Forward
  • Call Block
  • Direct Inward Call
  • Remind Call
  • IVR – Interactive Voice Response
  • Call Routing
  • Time Based Routing

Video Conference

IP PBX System


For 10 Subscribers

*astTECS Product Bundles

*ast eHOT-50 – Upto 50 Rooms / Extensions, Asterisk Installed.
*ast eHOT-100 – Upto 100 Rooms / Extensions, Asterisk Installed
*ast eHOT-300 – Upto 300 Rooms / Extensions, Asterisk Installed.
*ast eHOT-500 – Upto 500 Rooms / Extensions, Asterisk Installed.
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