IP-based PA System for Hospitals

Empowering hospitals with seamless connectivity: Make clear announcements for critical moments


IP-based PA System for Hospitals

Empowering hospitals with seamless connectivity: Make clear announcements for critical moments



Looking for a PA system which can – announce to zone, integrate with your HMS software, play scheduled announcements, trigger code red/ code blue and many more features.
*astPA designed for hospitals is a feature rich, future enabled solution. Our state of the art IP based solution aims to connect all components of a hospital which would have been independent components in traditional analog pa systems.

What makes our public announcement special?

Simplify hospital-wide communications with *astTECS PA System. From emergency alerts to routine announcements, its dynamic features keep everyone informed and coordinated, minimising disruptions.


Built on SIP technology

Using SIP-based technology, you can communicate with hospital IP networks without any interruption.

Announce-PA-system-from-anywhereAnnounce from anywhere

Hospital staff members can use desktop or mobile devices to announce from anywhere within the hospital networks.

Role-based-access-controlRole-based access control

Limit the access of the PA system to certain people and grant access only to authorised persons based on their job roles and responsibilities.


Recorded announcements

Administrators can easily verify the recordings for accuracy and quality control by carefully analysing the recordings of hospital announcements.


Zone classification

Hospitals are zoned so that specific announcements can be made without disturbing patients or staff. These zones include patient wards, emergency rooms, and administrative areas.


Strong PIN-based protection

Stronger user privacy is guaranteed, which effectively prevents unwanted access to the PA system.

Cloud-based-PA-solutionCloud-based PA solution

Our cloud-based PA solution is user-friendly and accessible, which is made to fit the special requirements of hospital facilities.


Integrate with other systems

Integrate with other systems such as HMS, ticket management, emergency systems within the hospital.

Looking for PA System for Hospitals?
Don’t look further!


Emergency notifications

Notify people of a fire, natural disaster, or other emergency events as soon as possible to ensure they receive the important information and direction on time.

Patient Paging

Announce to patients about their schedules and appointments, and make them comfortable while resting in the waiting room.

Updates for staff

Announce upcoming meetings, any changes in hospital protocols, or staff member shift changes.

Visitor Instructions

Visitors are given instructions on where to go, visiting hours, and what to do in case of an emergency.

Prepare safety precautions

Arrange training for safety precautions in advance and keep them aware of emergency scenarios.

Alert specialised teams

Notify specialised teams like rapid response teams and Code Blue in the event of serious medical emergencies, such as serious injury, cardiac arrest, and respiratory arrest.

Urgent Notification Protocol

Make doctors receive notifications immediately regarding critical test results or urgent patient needs.

Announce medical events

Notify staff, visitors, and patients about medical camps, vaccination drives, blood donation camps, and other such medical events.

Coordinate emergency protocols and crowd control with ease
using our reliable IP PA System



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